December 9th, 2011

You Will Survive

Surviving The Game Of Life

<p>Live Survivor</p>

When Gloria Gaynor first recorded her hit song, I Will Survive, little did she realize that it would become an anthem for a generation of female Baby Boomers. As we got on with our lives and moved into middle age, when things got tough the familiar refrain played in our brains and kept our feet moving.

The song applies today now more than ever because if you’re a Baby Boomer today you face challenges that we never even imagined only a few years ago. Between the collapsing economy, deteriorating real estate values, and everything else that is threatening our basic financial survival, it’s hard to imagine that we are living in what was supposed to be our golden years.

Nevertheless, if you’re a baby boomer who is still alive and living, you have already proved your mettle and honed your ability to change the world when it needs to be changed. The baby boomer generation is a generation of accomplishment and there is no better time to continue accomplishing than right now.

The good news is that despite how bad things look right now, you will survive — if you want to. In fact, survival should not be your focus but instead you should be concentrating on how to achieve massive success. Because today more than ever, partially because of the deteriorating economy and partially in spite of it, opportunities for wealth creation and personal growth abound.

What you cannot do is to sit back and expect people to do anything for you. The institutions that we have come to rely upon for survival, no longer have our best interests in mind. The corporations that we have worked for, the government that governs us, and the banks that we have always trusted, are not really our friends or our allies.

Indeed, many of the problems that we face today are a direct result of the mismanagement of the companies the governments and the banks that are theoretically here to serve us. The reality is that unless you step up and take responsibility for your own survival you may not survive.

Survival though isn’t as hard as some people might make it out to be. If you have the will to survive, then you will in fact survive. It’s more of an attitude, a mindset, than anything else. We’ve all heard of survival of the fittest. Today we might alter that a bit and call it survival of the most committed.

Faced with everything that we are facing today, now is not the time to sit around wringing your hands and crying the blues. The time now is for action and an acknowledgment that as bad as things may seem you are still in control and can make your life into anything that you want to make it.

We baby boomers are a resilient bunch and have faced much adversity in our lives and careers. Today is no different in terms of who we are and what we are able to do. Yes, we face different problems and yes, we will survive.



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