September 23rd, 2013

You Can Budget for the Worst!

Are you wondering if you can budget for the worst? A lot of Americans are asking this because they are fearful of what lies ahead. Recently, a report was released that stated that the sale of durable goods was down. What does that mean for the US? Simply put, it means that people are spending less money on things that they can stretch for a little while longer. In fact, most families are holding onto their vehicles for 11.4 years or longer according to statistics that were recently released.

The sale of durable goods going down does say quite a bit about the new pattern of American living, but all in all, it’s important to remember that it’s wise to budget for a lifetime, so that you are always prepared. So, how can you actually budget in a way that prepares you for the worst case scenario? I am going to share with you not only ways in which you can budget in this new way, but I am going to share with you what you can do to outside of your actual budget to change the way you handle US money in the future.

You Can Budget Creatively

If I told you that you can budget creatively, would you believe me? No, I don’t really mean cutting coupons, but I am talking about considering doing the following.

  1. Planning meals at least one week ahead
  2. Cooking meals on Sundays or one designated day a week to get it all done using less energy
  3. Making all road trips at the same time, so that you are driving less and only when necessary
  4. Encourage reading and family activities over expensive outings and vacations
  5. Pay off high interest debts first so that you pay less in interest overall

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and they are all a great start to changing the way you live. There are plenty of other things you can do like going ahead and cutting coupons, buying in bulk when you can, especially if you do have a place to store everything.

The family outings or staycations have now become so popular, that using travel agents and booking flights way in advance are now a thing of the past for most families. So, if you are doing these few simple things and making small changes along the way, what can you do that further impacts your life in the future? How can you prepare for an economy that will only get tighter as life goes on?

You Can Budget Well by Buying Gold

Watching shows like Gold Rush are fascinating but for most of us getting gold in that fashion isn’t realistic. We don’t have the equipment to go mining like those guys do, and we don’t have the drive to drop everything else to go digging.

However, you can take the money you save and trade it in for gold right now. Gold is only going to go up in value as the dollar goes down. Having said that, remember that you can sell off your broken gold jewelry for cash, but don’t go spend it all on fun. Remember, if gold is hitting a low right now it’s the time to buy. Once it goes back up, you’ll feel the strain, so spend what you save wisely.

Aren’t you worth it? If you are interested in learning more about how you can budget and buy gold from the comfort of your own home, and avoid the hassle of knowing who to trust, just go HERE to learn more about how you can start today.




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