July 30th, 2013

Why You Should Be Buying Gold

If you have been listening to the talk of the gold rush and why you should be buying gold, you probably want to know the full scoop and not just what you hear in the media or from your friends. The good news is that there is truth to WHY people are buying gold, and that you should consider it too.

Not only is there a physical demand for gold, but there is wild ride going on in the precious metals markets. While gold rallied back in April, it’s seeing a new spike since last week when Ben Bernanke was asked to comment on gold’s performance and how our economy was doing as a country.

So, what is the long term outlook and how does this affect you? Is there a real reason why you should be buying gold and not silver? Is there a reason you should be using gold as an insurance policy for what is to come in the future? With depressed price levels, you should know that there is no better time than now to start buying, but I am going to share with you 3 main reasons why so that you can decide for yourself!

Even in a down economy why you should be buying goldWhy You Should be Buying Gold with a Down Economy

If you want to know why you should be buying gold with a down economy, then say no more. The first clue is that yes, we are in a bad economy. This means when spending is down and inflation is up, the value of the dollar is going into the dumps. Having said that, the price of gold goes up automatically because it’s still available.

Gold is a precious metal that can still be mined, and because its value goes up in the metals markets, it’s going to override the dollar. Gold has been up and down, but it changes like the wind due to the economy. If the US feels confident about the President, people buy. If the President makes what people perceive as a bad choice, then they won’t spend.

However, gold is everywhere, and as long as it’s universally known as gold and priced as such around the world, it’s another great reason to buy.

Why You Should Buy Gold When it’s Gold Everywhere

Have you ever heard the phrase, “New World Order”? It’s been a phrase that we have heard since the Presidency of Reagan, and it’s more than just calling for peace. This is a movement that calls for a one world economy, and within that we are talking about a one world currency.

The signs of this are:

  1. Failing currency on a global level
  2. Because gold is universal, it’s gold no matter what country you are in
  3. More calls for peace

While you may be curious as to why these are good reasons consider that calling for unity in a few small things means a call for unity in bigger things.

Remember, last but not least, when inflation is out of control and the dollar dies, gold could be your only way to buy bread, pay your bills, and care for your family’s needs.

If you would like to learn more about why you should be buying gold, and how you can buy discreetly, simply GO HERE to learn more!




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