August 23rd, 2012

Why Is Gold Valuable? Taking A Look At Why The Price Per Ounce Is So High

Why Is Gold Valuable? Taking A Look At Why The Price Per Ounce Is So High

Why Is Gold Valuable?

Why is gold valuable?

Ah, it’s a great question in today’s market don’t you think? Is there really a simple answer? The truth is there is more than once answer, but what once would suffice as a good answer is no longer enough to satisfy most people. The markets are volatile, those that are desperate to pay bills are selling off their broken gold jewelry, and even many couples that are still married are taking off their wedding rings and selling them to make ends meet.

So, why is the price so high, and why is gold a good thing to buy?

Why is Gold Valuable in a Down Economy?

Why is gold valuable?

At the end of the day, most people have their own opinion of why gold is valuable in a down economy. This isn’t to say that gold isn’t valuable, but certainly there must be a reason. In some ways, you could say that gold is valuable because people think it looks nice or they believe that it is in fact valuable because it is used to make jewelry as well as key components of electronics. Right?

It’s all about perception most of the time, however, what most people don’t understand is that yes, there is value in gold. I hear people say all the time that gold isn’t strong, and while that may be true the strength is only as we perceive it to be. We constantly refer to gold as just a piece of jewelry, rather than something of significant value. What are we forgetting?

We are forgetting that gold is mixed with other alloys to make various karats of jewelry, and that it isn’t 100% gold. The true value of gold can only be determined when you are in fact talking about 100% pure gold, or rather gold bullion. So, if in fact gold is more than what we think, what is it really? Isn’t it just stuff we melt down to make pretty, sparkly, shiny things?

Why is Gold Valuable Today, Tomorrow, and in the Future?

Why is gold valuable?

Gold isn’t just about jewelry folks, it’s about currency. That’s right. Just in case you didn’t know, gold is in fact currency, and for good reason. Remember, gold was prized long before the concept of money ever came into existence, and it’s important that you know that because in the 18th century spending wasn’t how we think of spending today.

Gold can be mined, so it’s a natural resource and with that being said it’s no surprise that people are still holding onto it as a valuable commodity. Gold is plentiful, so even when the US dollar gets completely devalued, gold will still be here to mined and used as always.

Gold was used as currency then, and although it isn’t today, it will be once again. You may not see it coming, but many people are already asking, “Why is gold valuable?”

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