May 4th, 2012

Why Buy Gold?

Gold is your insurance against inflation.Why Buy Gold?

Why buy gold? That seems to be a popular question among those who aren’t familiar with the markets or work in them. However, you should know that something big is coming. What is it? This something big is the turn of the market, which means something dramatic is going to happen with this economy. I am going to share with you why it’s happening, and what you can expect to see from the economy here in the future.

Why Buy Gold? It’s Still in the Ground!

While you still might be asking the question, “Why buy gold?” I want you to consider what you heard the last time you watched the news. Was it positive? Was it negative? Did it indicate to you that things were changing dramatically? Naturally, the economy isn’t all that great, but in the end, what is really happening?

The markets collapsed in 2007, and when that happened anyone who had a hand in Real Estate or the lending business was in trouble. The reality is that our nation was quite greedy, and as a result, lenders, banks, and even the consumers were beginning to realize that our overspending was causing everything to cave in.

We were literally going broke, and then we couldn’t control ourselves so we kept borrowing money to fix it. This is what makes it worse, whether we know it or not. The reality is that borrowing is still spending, but yet we don’t see it that way until the bill comes due.

Why Buy Gold? It’s Still There After We Print More Money

Why buy gold? Simply put, printing money isn’t helping the economy; in fact I will tell you what it does. Printing more money brings about inflation, and that is what we are now getting a taste of. I don’t know if any of you reading this drink coffee, in fact you could be drinking some right now.

You might remember when you could go to McDonald’s and get a large coffee for just 99 cents, but now it’s $1.25, and could be even more. This is inflation folks, don’t kid yourself. Starbucks coffees went up a dollar, rather than just 5 to 10 cents, so don’t think it’s not major. This is still happening, and it’s amazing to me that people still pay $4 and $5 for a cup of coffee!

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with this, but let’s look at the bigger picture. The economy doesn’t look any better, and folks are still spending money on lattes, frappucinos, and cappuccinos. This is when I say stop buying coffee and buy gold. You can barter with gold, but NOT with coffee. Okay, maybe if you are really tired!

Why Buy Gold? It’s Your INSURANCE POLICY

I won’t ask the question to start off this paragraph, but now you get the idea. As the US dollar continues to go down, gold goes up. It is more valuable and that is because you can still mine gold. It’s still available, whereas other countries will stop accepting the US dollar as currency.

Doesn’t this make you think about things differently? Why buy gold? You know why, and you can buy it easily today. Don’t buy online when you can buy physical gold, and it’s better to have something that you can put your hands on. Don’t continue to wait; you don’t know when the last day is around the corner.

Do you need more answers to those tough questions? If so, then CLICK HERE, and I will help you answer this question for others; why buy gold?




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