March 10th, 2014

Why Buy Gold? All The Right Reasons And More!

If you are saying, “Why buy gold?”, consider that gold is climbing in popularity. Not only is it nice to wear but it’s a great thing to get your hands on because it’s valuable. Owning gold is important for the sake of your own personal wealth and that of your family too. It’s so important that you are prepared for what lies ahead and that you are financially sound.

Gold has been a mystery to some as we have watched it go up and down in price for nearly ten years. Now that it’s been stagnant people want to buy because they can pay less but it’s all in how you view gold and personal wealth too. Do you understand why you should buy gold and why it’s gold that still is the standard for the economy?

Today, I’ll give you the reasons for why buy gold and why there is no better time than now to buy and get ready for the coming economic changes.

Taking Note on Why Buy Gold

When it comes to Why Buy Goldgold there are tons of opinions about why people buy, what they are going to do with what they have purchased, and why it matters so much. It’s not that hard to figure out why it’s so important when you look at the overall picture of what is happening in this country specifically.


  1. The price of gold has been up and down for nearly 8 years.
  2. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve resigned.
  3. We have had 3 rounds of quantitative easing.
  4. Asian countries are buying physical gold like crazy.
  5. The US dollar continues to fail.
  6. Jobs are down.
  7. Inflation will ensue.

There are still other reasons I could list but for now this is what I want you to think about. Please consider that the price of gold has been volatile due to what is happening globally. Think about the confidence that consumers had in the President when we believed that we were winning the war. This positioned Americans in all things regarding the economy and let them be okay with spending more money.

When this happens the price of gold goes down and the dollar appears to be stable. The constant fluctuation should be a good indicator that things keep changing and that is because people just aren’t sure anymore. This is the economic uncertainty that will continue as long as our country mishandles funds in this way. Why buy gold? Once you buy it, you have it in hand and it will hold value no matter what country you travel in.

Why Buy Gold When the Future is so Uncertain?

Because the future is uncertain and we are the hands of uncertain economic policies and changes, it’s time to think about how you’ll take care of your family. We already know that when a Chairman of the Federal Reserve walks away it’s time to make a change. Right? Don’t be fooled into thinking that he resigned out of boredom; he didn’t know what the next step is and it’s your responsibility to your family to not take more chances on your money either.

Gold is gold no matter what country you are in, so if you have it in hand wouldn’t you feel more secure? What happens when the dollar fails and there is no exchange for money? Gold will be the prized treasure you’ll need for food, shelter and anything else that is important for you and your family. Don’t leave it to chance!

If you know someone that is asking why buy gold, please pass this article onto them and help them get prepared too!




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