April 7th, 2012

White Gold Price|is it Worth it?

Is the price of white gold worth it?

White Gold Pricing

Are you curious about the white gold price? Truthfully, you should know that the price of yellow gold and white gold is actually the same. However, you should know that most folks are looking for white gold these days when shopping for jewelry. I am going to share with you some differences that you may see in price when you shop, and what makes that difference!

The White Gold Price Trend of 2012

As if you didn’t already know, white gold is being highly favored over yellow gold. Yes, I know, it’s the trend of old, and while many like the idea of platinum it’s too expensive for most folks. Silver also has a similar look, but white gold is where it’s at.

So, how do you find a good price on white gold? You simply have to look around, and it depends on what you are looking for. Many folks find that certain white gold pieces are more expensive than others, and that is because engagement rings are always a high retail markup due to the diamonds.

However, you should know that there is a reason that you may often find a higher white gold price than a yellow gold price. What is the secret? The secret is the alloys that are mixed together to create the color of white gold. You dig?

What Makes the White Gold Price So High?

So, if you are wondering what makes the white gold price so high, just what is it exactly that is mixed with the gold to give it a higher value? Truth is, it’s all about the alloys, meaning the other metals that are mixed in with the white gold.

When it comes to white gold, you may be wondering how it gets its color, and simply put it’s the palladium in white gold that gives it that amazing color, or that likeness of platinum. Palladium isn’t the only culprit either, because there is a small amount of silver that is added as well to give it that color.

It wasn’t always these same metals that were being used to give it that sheen, but it used to be nickel at one time that was responsible for the look. However, the challenge was that nickel caused some allergic reactions due to allergies, and that is why it is no longer being used today.

Are You Willing to Pay the White Gold Price?

The bigger question now is, are you willing to pay the white gold price? The markets aren’t priced based upon whether or not we are talking about white or yellow gold, and that is because gold is a natural element that is only one color. To get white gold it has to go through a process.

So, the markets determine their price off of gold per ounce, and when you sell your broken gold jewelry, anything you are being paid is based on that price per ounce.

Are you ready to learn more about why gold is important to the economy? Wouldn’t you like to be prepared by buying the right gold that you can barter in a time of a need? If you want to know the difference in why the white gold price won’t help you, and what you should be buying, then CLICK HERE right now to find out what I have to share with you for your future!




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