March 7th, 2011

Which Financial Solutions Are Right For You?

Finding success with financial solutions depends upon the individual and the lifestyle that you lead.  Some solutions work for some, but not for others.  Before you choose a financial solution, you need to sit down and thoroughly review your budget, your spending habits, and your lifestyle.

Cutting Corners and Saving Money

If you find yourself wasting money on unnecessary things, and you have the self-control, you can try snowballing your debt.  If you see ways that you can cut corners, like buying the generic brand of your favorite foods instead of the name brand, implement it immediately.  Spending less money doesn’t mean you’re cheap.  You should remember quality over quantity, especially when it comes to clothes, purses and shoes.

If you’re a fashionista and you find that you simply can’t buy the knockoff brands, try shopping at name brand outlets.  Is getting your hair and nails done a necessity?  If it is, find somewhere that charges less than what you’re paying now.

Do you eat out a lot?  Try taking your lunch to work instead of eating out everyday.  This will save you at least $100 a month, if not more.  Change those nights out with the girls to maybe once a month, instead of every weekend.

Make Financial Decisions that Help You Save and that You Can Live With

These are just a few simple tips, but they work.  Trust me; I’ve tried and implemented some of them.  The point to finding financial solutions that work for you personally is to make changes in simplifying your life so that you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself without wasting money.  This doesn’t mean that you’ll never, ever buy another box of chocolate for $20 a pound.  It just means you won’t do it so often.  And really, is that so bad?

Ultimately finding a financial solution is about taking control of a financial situation.  How much control do you really have over your finances?  Or perhaps you should ask: how much control do your finances have over you?  A look at your spending habits should give you the answer.  If you don’t like what you see, it’s time to incorporate a change.




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