January 31st, 2011

What We’ve Learned and Other Baby Boomer Musings

The Baby Boomer generation has changed a lot of minds about a lot of things over the years.  We’ve shown our country the power of youth, the abilities of women and minorities, and the strength that comes from being flexible with our thinking and trying new things.

But what have we Boomers learned along the way?  I can only speak for myself, but I think we’ve learned that, while traditions should be optional and fluid, there is still value in them.  Traditions become traditions, after all, because they mean something to people.

We’ve learned that there are several “right” ways to approach any issue.  Many Boomers now understand that passion for causes is well and good, but passion for human beings is more important.

We’ve learned that you can, indeed, trust someone over 30.  At least we’d better, because Boomers are the (way) over-30 crowd now!  Seriously, though, I think through the years, we’ve gotten much better at recognizing wisdom where we find it instead of thinking that wisdom only comes from particular kinds of people of a special age.

Boomers have also learned about possibilities.  Individually and collectively, our generation has accomplished a lot—and most of that was because we were open to possibilities.  We took Martin Luther King’s dream and ran with it.  We questioned everything—women’s roles, the limitations put on disabled people, politics, religion—you name it.

And while a lot of our questions couldn’t be definitely answered, in the process of asking them and exploring the answers we found, we’ve discovered that there may be limits to what we can do—but a lot of those limits are in our imaginations.

The Baby Boomer generation has seen a lot, done a lot, and learned a lot.  I’m proud of us!  If you’re a Boomer yourself, what have the past several decades taught you?




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