July 17th, 2012

US Economy And Gentle Reminders Of An Uncertain Future

US Economy And Gentle Reminders Of An Uncertain Future

US Economy

The US economy was reported to make another bump this month. Is it possible that we are able to experience more growth? As the government and financial analysts look for small clues that things are getting better, they are really reaching for a lifeline at this point to help them save face. With the possibility of inflation, consumer credit is an issue, and consumer confidence is lacking, where does that leave us?

US Economy Doesn’t Look Promising for Third Quarter, Right?

I guess I am not sure if I am seeing the same thing that these financial analysts are seeing, but the financial future for the US economy doesn’t really appear to be all that strong as we enter the third quarter.

It could be that because we have campaigning going on, we have those that are in office now trying to make things look better than they really are which is understandable. However, I think it’s worse to try and cover up the truth than to just come out and tell the truth.

The second quarter was ugly, and that meant that the jobs reports weren’t any better this time around. Because they fell so sharply, is it possible that we could have such a strong recovery following a heavy slump? The more jobs we lose, it tells me that organizations are still running out of money, or they are just cutting the jobs so that those at the top can earn more or keep what they have without any sacrifice.

What’s Next for the US Economy?

So, now that we have come this far, what is next for the US economy?

Without a plan in place by the government other than the quantitative easing, which of course brings inflation, there is no plan. Campaigning is not a plan, and knowing that we need more jobs really isn’t a plan, so what is next?

Gold. Yes, plain and simple it’s gold, right? Gold is a currency folks, just in case you didn’t know. That is okay, because we don’t exchange it every day like we do dollar bills in an attempt to buy our goods and pay our bills.

We do everything electronically, and we live in a world where ATM cards overrule a checkbook as well as debit cards and credit cards too. However, because our dollar is losing value, doesn’t it make sense to use something that isn’t really losing value?

Doesn’t it make sense to use a currency that would be good in any country because gold is gold? I do. I believe it, I buy it, and I can sell it to you as well.

Gold for the US Economy

Now that you understand more about how gold can fit into our everyday lives, wouldn’t you say it’s time to start using it? Gold will continue to go up in value, which means that we can count on it later down the road when the day of the dollar is done.

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