September 25th, 2011

Turning Baby Boomer Trends into Business Ideas – Part II

A few days ago, I posted an entry on some business ideas based off of baby boomer trends. Let’s consider this the second part in the series. In this part, we’ll discuss exactly what you need to get these ideas off of the ground. In the third part, I’ll give you suggestions on how to advertise your business for cheap, or for free. In the fourth part, I’ll tell you how you can get your business to survive year round.

Vintage clothing sells.

The first thing I suggested was selling vintage clothing. Vintage is considered anything from the ‘80s on back. Special attention is usually paid to ripped jeans, pearl necklaces, skirts, shoes, dresses, purses and anything else that stands out as unique and different.

You can sell your clothes right out of your garage or home, instead of renting a store space. (Check your local laws to make sure this is allowed.) Get a couple of racks, and separate your finds by boxes and other unique means. Then let the people in and let ‘em go nuts.

You can find other vintage clothes easily. Just ask around. A lot of people have old things they want to get rid of. Even if it’s ugly, with a little bit of altering, you can make a fabulous scarf or pillow out of it.

Food is always in season.

Everyone wants grandma’s cooking, because grandma does it best. Putting together gift baskets (or care baskets) is another niche that shows you really care. Brownies, cookies, pies, cakes, soups and sandwiches can all be created from scratch, or even from packages if you don’t feel like. All you need is a kitchen, cooking skills, recipes and time.

Everyone wants to be unique.

My third idea was custom-fit clothes. You’ll need a sewing machine and patterns, especially if you’re new at this. You’ll also need plenty of material, needles, thread, sequins, buttons and other accessories. If you get a wholesale license, you can buy all of these things for very, very cheap.




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