April 23rd, 2012

Trust Fund or Leave Gold?

What is the best way to preserve your finances - trust fund or gold?

<p>Save in a Trust Fund or Gold?</p>

These days a trust fund is one of the most important things to think about when doing life stages planning with your family. One other thing that you might want to think about is whether or not you want to buy gold to keep back as well. Which one is going to be most secure? I am going to tell you a bit about these funds, how they are set up, and why they may or may not be a good choice.

What is a Trust Fund?

The big question many have that are new to this idea is what is a trust fund anyhow? It’s really something that most parents do as financial security for their children, meaning they often start one when their children are born. Over time, the fund will grow, and many times it can include many different types of assets, not just one thing.

This may be done so that the children have something to fall back on financially once the parents have passed on, and it may be that a trust fund is set up for the sole purpose of being handed to a charity or even a non-profit organization as well.

So, what can a trust fund actually include? It can include cash, but it could also be that property is included, bonds, stocks, and in some cases these days, people want to include their gold coins and gold bars too.

Conditions of a Trust Fund

While a trust fund is a good idea, and in most cases it’s for the benefit of someone’s children it could be that the conditions are set up for them NOT to receive anything until they have reached a certain age. This is always the case when parents set something up for the children when they are young.

Once they have reached the determined age, they will then be able to start receiving income from the trust. Those who set it up are usually only concerned with one thing, and that is making sure that the children or organization that they have left it to is going to receive it.

These things can be tricky depending on what type of trust it is, and depending on the emotions of family at that time that are involved in the trust. Money does funny things to people, and the reality is that sometimes they may not agree with each other on what is happening at the time that trust is released.

What is Better Than a Trust Fund?

There isn’t too much that is better than a trust fund, other than buying gold! Why? It’s value is climbing as the U.S. dollar is de-valued.

The economy is only slow rolling, and as long as the White House decides to print money we will be right where we are. Depending on how your trust fund was set up, why would you rely on it at all? Don’t wait for something that is unsure when you can buy gold bars, and protect yourself from the super inflation that is coming down the pike.

Are you ready to protect your future? If you want to know more about how to buy gold, and where to buy it, rather than setting up a trust fund, then CLICK HERE today, and we can figure out how you can protect your future the right way.



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