September 24th, 2012

The Trouble With An Article Rewriter

The Trouble With An Article RewriterAre you blogging daily but have been using an article rewriter with zero results? There are many programs out there today that are available for those of us blogging on a daily basis that need to increase traffic and keep up daily content on a regular basis. The challenge is that if you want to create backlinks, this seems to be the way to go, right?

Using an article rewriter program isn’t bad, but it’s all about choosing the right one. Better yet, you are really the best article writer you could be using. I am going to tell you why some programs don’t work, and why you are the best option when it comes to writing fresh content.

What Is an Article Rewriter Anyhow?

So, you want to know what an article rewriter really is? Plain and simple it’s what many bloggers refer to as spinning software. I know from personal experience that these programs are nice to use, however they also come with some hiccups.

If you have been growing your business by leaps and bounds then you know full well that you are so busy you may have to outsource this part of your marketing. With that being said, you need to know how it all works so that you can teach others how to use it too.

You need to know it inside and out so that you can train your people on how to use these programs and tools to help you grow your business as well as offer it  to those you train as you build a team in your business. If you are already a part of a syndication system then you know full well how important it is that your blog reads well.

This is the key to teaching new bloggers, so that they understand how important it is to create high quality content. With that being said, I know you will appreciate where I am coming from when it comes to using an article rewriter. Want to learn more about why I don’t like them? Keep reading!

Why Using an Article Rewriter Program Could Compromise Your Blog

At the end of the day using an article rewriter could compromise your blog as I alluded to earlier. That is because if someone has been reading your blog for quite some time, they already know your writing style as it is now. If they start seeing something different, they will wonder where it’s coming from.

Let’s consider spinning programs, and how you use them. You can copy and paste and article you have already written into the program, and then spin it so it gives you something similar that reads a bit differently. It’s all about keeping the message the same. Right?

Spinning will give you articles that just don’t read very well, in other words as if a human wrote them. So, it produces more work for you to correct them. Is that something you have time for? If you use an outsourcer for that, make sure they understand how to use it, and that they convey the message you wish to convey.

If you want to learn how to write high quality content for your blog, and you want to avoid using an “article rewriter”, then CLICK HERE now to learn more about how I write and why it’s a success!




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