September 10th, 2013

The Power of Networking

Do you realize the power of networking? Not just events, but connecting with people on a regular basis during your work week as well. Consider all of the connections you make online, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and everywhere else you place your profile and market yourself. Consider all of the networking events you could attend, and the number of people you would meet during the course of this time.

How much power in networking is there really? Overall, you not only need to see the value in networking as a whole, but how you network is important as well. There is something to be said for the ability to greet people with a smile, and to connect with a people on a soul level. So, what is the key to gaining the real power of networking?

I am going to share with you not only why you need to harness this power, but how you can do so effortlessly and in good nature 100% of the time.

The Power of Networking in Being Friendly

There is no question that the power of networking is evident in Real Estate, being a mortgage banker or broker, and of course any other business that relies on network connections. If you are a network marketer, you know this all too well, but sadly there are still so many marketers that don’t get it!

The truth behind your success lies in you ultimately. So, how do you act when you greet others? Are you friendly? Do you reach out to shake the hands of others? If not, you are missing out! Showing yourself friendly is one of the biggest and easiest ways for you to connect with others. In fact, it has also been said that you should:

  1. Present a firm handshake
  2. Smile
  3. Make direct eye contact
  4. Always introduce them to someone else you know that they could benefit from

Whenever you carry out these simple behaviors, these folks will do the same for you. It’s powerful, and you’ll find that your well will never run dry when it comes to making connections that count! You’ll always have a referral and a contact in time of need.

See, it isn’t all that difficult for you to make new connections or meet new people that just may be retail customers for you only. Either way, you can open up your network big time when you are friendly to others, and you engage in friendly and lively conversation at every turn.

The Power of Networking Events

Above all, don’t forget that company events are a great way for you to not only meet others, but to learn from new mentors. You never know what you are missing if you don’t go! Make it a point to attend at least one this year, and next year, double that at the very least.

If you would like to learn more about the power of networking, and connect with me and some of the folks in my community, just go HERE now and we’ll connect on a true personal level!




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