September 8th, 2012

The Modern Family of Marketing, HUH?

Modern Marketing Techniques For the Modern Family

Modern Marketing Online

You know the title Modern Family as a one of the most popular TV shows in history, right? Yep, I’m a fan, but I have to tell you that although I find it humorous I can also relate it to how marketing works online. I know, I know, you probably think that is strange, right? I am anything but normal, but what I can also tell you is that normal is just a setting on your dryer! Don’t be fooled!

Who Would Have Thought Modern Family Could Relate to Marketing!

Okay, so let me explain my way of thinking on the title of this TV show. Modern Family is definitely modern in its approach, just like the modern approach to marketing is much different from how it used to be. That should be okay with you.

This is by no means an undertone to political battles, so please don’t go there. I am simply using this name how it relates to marketing because it’s a good example. With that being said, I want you to know that modern marketing has many faces.

It could be said that Modern Family is too modern or for free thinkers, however, it’s the modern time. I like to think of marketing in today’s world as fun and interesting, and above all how much less businesses need to spend less to make it work.  Think about all of the possibilities of running your business using online resources.

The idea that you can be in front of millions of people is great, and it means that you can market to a larger audience as well. Isn’t that good news for you? It’s great news for me now that I have learned one of the most interesting secrets to marketing online.

The Modern Family is as Diverse as Marketing Online with a Blog

Blogging is something that we have been talking about, but how many of us are using? I am, and I am using it a lot! With so many diverse ways to market online today, a blog is one of the most beneficial. Think about how powerful it is that once you blog it’s always there.

It never goes away, so you could blog about a product or service that you can earn a commission from 3 years from now. That is pretty exciting for me! This is why when I heard about the Empower Network, I decided it was for me, and I wanted to learn as much as I could as fast as I could about making it work to my benefit.

The Modern Family is always in a hurry, could be a mom and dad, two dads or two moms, but it’s a family unit. They function for the same purpose but in very different ways, right? Marketing is the same, and it’s perfectly okay.

So, with that in mind, you may want to watch the show and see if you get a good laugh. If you want to learn more about Modern Family and how online marketing and blogging is so similar, then CLICK HERE now!




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