October 19th, 2012

The Future of the Economy | Where Do We Stand?

The Future of the Economy | Where Do We Stand?What is the future of the economy for us in the United States? Do we have any clue about what is coming around the corner?

Sometimes I feel that most Americans just really don’t take the economy all that seriously, and then I also realize that many Americans just don’t know enough about how the economy works and how our government works to really make it work in our favor as a nation.

Where does the future of the economy stand here today? What do we see happening and how do we even prepare for something so uncertain?

If you want to learn more about what you can do to better prepare for the future and how you can enjoy some stress free living today by knowing what you have for the future, then KEEP reading this article to better understand what is happening around you!

What Determines the Future of the Economy?

So, what is it exactly that determines the future of the economy? Is it just one man that turns the wheel or is it more than that?

I used to ask this question all of the time, and as a child I never had to worry about that. The idea that one could have a piggy bank and throw change into it to save was sufficient for me! I loved saving my pennies, and I was taught to be financially responsible at an early age.

However, I have learned that not everyone was raised the same way that I was! I realize that not everyone learned the value of money, nor have they learned how our economy runs. I would say that 90% of schools in America don’t teach students about money, how our financial system works, or how the outlook of our country’s financial health is determined.

The idea that the future of the economy isn’t bright scares me, but I also know that at the end of the day it’s really out of control. So, who really controls it? Right now it appears to be the government, and it’s not looking favorable.

What the Future of the Economy Holds for Us

So, what does the future of the economy hold for us? In the end, we know that the value of the dollar will go down. We also know that if it goes to zero, we need a backup. The question is, what will that backup be?

Did you know that there are talks of a one world economy? This is no secret, at least not for me, and these talks have been going on for some time now. Many countries have been pushing for this to keep things simple, but they also want more control. At the end of the day, what happens when they overtake our money?

Furthermore, what do we use for money when this happens? Ah, the question is now bringing the answer to light, and perhaps this is going to answer more about gold and why it’s skyrocketing the way it has.

Now is it making sense for you?

How Gold Factors Into the Future of the Economy

Now that you are now seeing the light when it comes to our economy, does it make sense that gold plays such an important part for “the future of the economy”?

Imagine if there were a currency that was already universal so to speak. Yep, that’s gold for ya. Gold is gold no matter where you are. It’s gold in Africa, Russia, China, and anywhere else you go!

So, wouldn’t it be wise to research more about why you NEED to buy gold? What if you find yourself without food when the dollar is gone? Need gold? You betcha!

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