May 15th, 2012

The Debt Problem We Have in America and What’s Changing

The debt in America is out of control.The Debt Problem

The debt problem we face as a country may seem insurmountable. The number is large I am sure, but the truth is that we can fix it if we really give it a good faith effort. Things are not as simple as they used to be in terms of how we view spending money and the country’s economy either. I want to share with you what is happening, and how we can make a good effort to clear this debt and protect ourselves in the future.

Dealing with the Debt of America

The truth is that we are dealing with the debt as a country, but as the same time we have our own debt to deal with as well.  This means the problem goes beyond just one thing, but multiple areas for opportunity for all of us really.

This means that we could stand to look at our personal ledgers, figure out where we can make cuts, and where we can save a little more extra. The biggest problem that many of us have is not accounting properly so we don’t pay ourselves first, nor do we invest in ourselves enough.

If we did more saving, less wasting, then we would be able to easily get out of debt. The reality is that many of us don’t pay any attention to what we are bringing in or what is going out, so it poses a more long term problem. Once we can fix this on a personal level we can then begin to make changes as a country.

Reducing the Debt as a Country

When it comes to reducing the debt as a country, how do you think we are doing? My honest opinion is that we could be doing better, so why aren’t we? What I mean by this is printing money. Printing more money as we have done with quantitative easing hasn’t really done anything for us, and so it is that we need to find another solution.

Why? The quantitative easing does nothing more than simply causes super inflation to occur. So, as this happens and jobs are lost, the value of the dollar is going down. It’s barely worth anything now from the perspective of how other countries view it and are using it. Make sense?

It simply isn’t worth it for someone to hold onto our money as our economy goes down the drain. This means that we need a lasting currency that has a whole other value, and that currency is gold. Why do we need gold in our hands?

Gold Won’t Eliminate The Debt It’s About Survival

So, how does gold come into the picture? If we know it’s a currency, what do we do with it? When things get rough, you can be assured that gold is gold no matter what country you are in. With that in mind, it would behoove you to buy gold to barter with when you need something. This is why people are buying gold.

It has nothing to do with fixing the debt, but rather surviving as things get worse. Don’t you want to be prepared when times get tough? If so, then CLICK HERE and I will teach you more about buying gold, and the debt fix that we could have if we all do our part.




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