January 3rd, 2011

The Changing Lives of Baby Boomers

Well, we Baby Boomers are starting to retire—and what a long, exciting trip it’s been!  Ours is the generation that changed our culture’s perception about the possibilities for youth, for women, and for minorities.

We’re a generation that helped stop a war.  And then the Boomers went on to have careers, raise families, and otherwise participate in and contribute to life here in our country.

However, today we Boomers are faced with some unique challenges, even as we’re entering a phase of our lives that’s supposed to be somewhat easier on us.  Boomers are retiring into an economy where our housing values and our portfolios may not be anywhere nearly as healthy as we would like them to be.

Unlike our grandparents and our parents, the Baby Boomers face the possibility of being the first generation of retirees in more than 60 years that have to worry about money more than our parents did.

But don’t worry too much!  It’s easy to get caught up in the negative and not look closely at all the opportunities that are right out there for the taking.  But Boomers also have access to all sorts of possibilities that just weren’t there for our elders.  We don’t have pensions, but we do have more ways to earn and manage our money so we can fund our own retirement.

The other thing we Boomers have is experience.  We’ve been through recessions before.  We know what this looks like.  And we have the creativity and drive to get through the current problems, too.

I offer specific advice for funding your retirement years elsewhere on this website and in my Special Reports and e-book.  What I want you to concentrate on now is optimism.  No matter what the mainstream media will tell you, we Baby Boomers have a lot to be optimistic and excited about as we retire into our second lives!



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