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December 17th, 2011

True Financial Security

What is true financial security? We all invariably have different definitions of it. For the longest time, most baby boomers equated financial stability with their job, or perhaps their career. We believed that if we worked hard enough for long enough, our employer would reward us with a solid retirement that would allow us to enjoy our golden years.

But although this model seems to have served our parent’s generation fairly well, it didn’t work too well for us. We found out early on that working for the same company for several decades was no longer a viable approach. We changed jobs, and often over the years, changed careers. Even those folks who were lucky enough to start out with a company that employed them all the way to retirement often saw their solid retirement plans collapse as companies used pension funds for other things, or got rid of them entirely.

For other Boomers, financial security came in the form of a retirement portfolio, made up of stocks and bonds. Some of us got greedy during the go-go years of the early Internet craze, only to lose untold thousands of dollars in the dot com bust. But we persisted, believing that ultimately the stock market would come through, so we kept investing. And by 2008, we had all been burned again as the market tumbled and trillions of dollars of value were lost. Good luck finding financial security there. (more…)

November 17th, 2011

A Golden Opportunity

999.9 Karat Bar Gold

Golden Opportunity

Anyone who has spent any time recently watching the global economy teeter has invariably been wondering several things. First of all, what the heck is going on is usually the first question people ask. What can I do about it is the second.

What’s going on is basically the result of the collectively stupid herd mentality that has plagued us all for who knows how long. Trusting big business, big government and big banks to make financial decisions that are in our best interest is foolhardy at best and stupid at worst. This isn’t to say that the people who work for big business, big government or big banks are bad, although some of them certainly are. But like most of us, they will almost always put their own best interests first, even if they tell you differently. (more…)

March 7th, 2011

Which Financial Solutions Are Right For You?

Finding success with financial solutions depends upon the individual and the lifestyle that you lead.  Some solutions work for some, but not for others.  Before you choose a financial solution, you need to sit down and thoroughly review your budget, your spending habits, and your lifestyle. (more…)

February 10th, 2011

Crash Proof Prosperity: Accumulation of Wealth in an Uncertain Economy

CrashProof ProsperityCrash Proof Prosperity seems like a very unlikely combination of words, it is the financial experts dream verbiage.  However, only Kip Herriage, Gerald Celente and Wayne Allen Root of Crash Proof Prosperity can use this combination of words with certainty in today’s economy.  (more…)

January 10th, 2011

Live Your Dreams: Financial Solutions for Baby Boomer Women

Do you need financial solutions that will allow you to have the retirement of your dreams?  After all, Boomer women don’t have the pensions that our mothers were able to depend on.

But we do have something that might be even better.  We have solutions that will allow us to create an income for ourselves and manage that income to build it into real wealth.

I talk about solutions to the issue of creating multiple streams of income elsewhere on this site.  In this post, I want to give you an outline of the system I use to manage my finances and grow my wealth.

I know that you’re probably leery of investing today, given the financial meltdown and recession that the financial services industry caused.  But the fact is that the best way to manage finances and build wealth is to do it yourself.

For example, you can trade stocks yourself using online services that cost a small fraction of the price of using a broker.  And stocks are just one of the financial investments you can benefit from if you are very selective and know what you’re doing.

Precious metals are another good financial investment.  Unlike a private company, precious metals never go out of business!

Exchange-traded funds are like mutual funds, but better.  For one thing, the managers of exchange-traded funds don’t do as much trading with their broad portfolios—this keeps ETFs more stable than some other kinds of financial investments.

But how do you know which investments to go for and when?  I found a system where I learn these things from the experts and then applied the solutions they suggested to my own finances.  Of course, any investment carries some risk, but this system has provided me a way to grow my finances that has maximized my investments while keeping my risks at a level I can accept without getting nervous!

If you’re looking for financial solutions that will let you live the retirement you deserve, please continue reading through my website and consider signing up with me to learn more about the system I am using.  It’s my pleasure to share money-making and other financial solutions I’ve found with you!