January 23rd, 2011

Still Looking Good: Famous Women Over 50

Do you remember seeing or hearing about any famous women over 50 when we were growing up? I know that Golda Meir was Prime Minister of Israel some time in our younger years, and of course, there were women like Bella Abzug. Some of us might even remember the last years of Eleanor Roosevelt’s life.

But it was pretty rare for a woman to be famous after she hit the age of 50, wasn’t it? I certainly don’t remember any women being popularly considered beautiful after the age of 30, let alone 50!

Today, though, we’ve got more famous older women than I could probably cover in a book, let alone a blog post. Meryl Streep, for example, is doing some of her best work these days. Sharon Stone is still considered as hot as ever—and, yes, she’s over 50.

I seem to remember Gloria Steinem replying to someone who was amazed at how good she was looking at the age of 40 by saying that, “This is what 40 looks like.” In other words, when Steinem was 40, most people still thought that 40-year-old women were supposed to be sagging and worn-looking, not as hot as she was.

Well, move over. Because women over 50 aren’t ashamed to show just how beautiful we are!

At the same time, women are blazing remarkable career trails. From Hillary Clinton to—even Mary Kay—as we’ve been growing up, more and more women have stayed engaged with the wider world and made solid differences in the lives of other people through art (like Maya Angelou, for example), business, or politics.

In fact, women over 50 are looking good—looking great—in just about every area of human endeavor you can name. We’ve got 50+ models, actresses, entrepreneurs, politicians, and more. The women of our generation aren’t hiding ourselves inside baggy old ladies’ clothes—if anything, we’re becoming more proud of ourselves, our accomplishments, and our beauty as the years go by!

This makes sense when you think about it. Once women reach 50, we’re pretty comfortable in our skins. We know who we are, we know what we want, and we’re fairly confident in our ability to get it. That’s not just powerful—that’s hot.



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