March 18th, 2014

Steps To Remove Blocks For Creative Thinking

When it comes to your business it’s important to use your creative thinking. You can face a number of problems ranging from deciding how you want to start marketing and how you intend to market. When you choose to market online for your business you have a number of ways that you can market your business including writing articles, placing ads on Facebook, and using other means of social media to drive traffic to your business.

Are you able to look at things differently on a regular basis? Are you able to look at what some other leaders are doing and do take that as a lesson for your own benefit for your business? Even if you do this you still need to do your own thing and be your own person. However, you can easily emulate what others do to see if you can duplicate their same methods to achieve real success.

There truly is nothing better than having that ability to “think outside the box”, so that you can set yourself apart from others yet still stand out in the crowd and draw thousands to your business. This is more about what you see as “real” for yourself. Once you know what is real for you then you know when you are being creative. You feel the difference. This is why I am going to share with you these tips that help you with your creative thinking so that you can achieve beyond your wildest dreams with your business.

Remove the Blocks to Creative Thinking

Steps To Remove Blocks For Creative ThinkingThere are tons of blocks that I see every day that are actually encouraged by the world itself. This is because in America we are only taught one way. From the time we are born we are taught to finish school, work hard, go to college, and get a job, then get married.

  1. Stop looking for the one correct way to do things. The way we run businesses and market them now has changed dramatically, and that even means that our creative thinking is challenged because there has always been the idea that there is one way to do things in school. Do you remember the teacher that told you there is only one correct way to work your math problem? This is where the first problem comes in.
  2. Think metaphorically rather than logically! Whoever said logic is the key is wrong! Thinking creatively means to think metaphorically. Think about the power that a metaphor can create. Success isn’t about logic it’s about doing what it takes to be different in order to get there. This is why logic can’t possibly win over anyone, but rather thinking on a whole new level.
  3. Following rules means failure. Don’t get me wrong, I am not about breaking the law. However, following rules for everything isn’t always best when it comes to getting creative. Following rules often means that you do everything the same, all of the time, every single day. However, if you treat everything the same, you won’t get very far. It’s time for you to break rules and look at things a bit differently so you can get further faster.
  4. Playing and working can be the same! You have probably heard a ton of entrepreneurs tell you that you should play as hard as you work, right? They really don’t have to be all that different. In fact, when work feels like work it’s no longer fun or interesting. Don’t let this happen to you. Play to get your mind thinking! Go out where you can find some inspiration and stick around for a while. It will boost your creative thinking and you’ll find it’s easier to get into the groove. Don’t be afraid to go out and spend time where you get inspired most right now.

Creative Thinking Will Help You Build Your Business Right

Don’t be surprised when you follow these tips and you find that you get further faster. You will, and you’ll be able to do this before you know it. Don’t allow yourself to get caught in the trap of believing that mundane means you are a hard worker. Working hard has nothing to do with success. However, it is about working smart and working creatively.

If you can be more creative and focus on what makes you better, your business will flourish. Being stressed out and thinking that what you are doing is too hard has never worked for anyone. Don’t let this get away from you folks. I hope that you have found these tips helpful, and I hope that you won’t get back into that way of working which causes you to think about how much you don’t like what you do.

If you can get into the groove with “creative thinking”, you’ll be far more successful than you ever imagined, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank before you turn 80!




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