June 1st, 2012

Silver Prices | Why They Don’t Beat Gold

Silver Prices Why Gold Is BetterSilver Prices

Silver prices have fluctuated, but they just aren’t as high as gold. Many people ask why, but the truth is unless you understand some things about gold, you will miss the boat. I want to share with you why silver prices fluctuate, but why they haven’t quite surpassed the price of gold…just yet.

About Silver Prices and What They Mean

Silver prices are changing along with gold, but they haven’t really crept to up what gold is doing. Is there a chance that it could? Maybe.

It’s important that you look at what impacts silver, then you will better understand why the prices of silver are falling versus skyrocketing like gold. Consider that a bank is losing out, which has been happening all around the world.

The first thing that will happen is liquidation. This means that something of value will go, but not something of high value. So it’s not that silver isn’t valuable, it’s just not as valuable as gold. This is why silver is the first to go, and why gold still holds supremacy today over everything else in metals.

Silver Prices Going Down Means People Will Buy More of it!

So, with silver prices going down, it goes to show you that people will buy more of it now that it’s readily available at a better price. People are holding out hoping that the price will go up, and many analysts have said that they believe that the price of silver will go up higher than gold as this recession continues.

However, it’s also wise for people to understand that selling off silver creates panic in most people. This isn’t really all that unusual, but it’s wise for you to know that panic isn’t helping anyone! When this happens people just stop buying silver.

People buy silver over gold because it’s cheaper, and buying gold is smart because it’s a universal currency. Let’s face it, you can still dig and mine for it, right? Okay, so yes, gold has the upper hand in this matter, so be mindful of this.

Silver Prices Are Low but Gold Bullion is Better to Purchase!

So, as far as these silver prices go, they are lower than gold, so you might be first inclined to buy silver. However, keep in mind that gold is still stronger, and will hold its value. You want to look at it as what has value now and later, so don’t look at just the short term.

Be sure that you consider every possible avenue to provide for you and your family so that you can face anything that future brings to your door financially. Why wait until the last minute when can you easily get prepared now? Wouldn’t you rather have an insurance policy against hyperinflation then wait until it happens?

Don’t be caught in the game of life unprepared, when you can invest wisely right now and have something of value to support you when you need it most. To learn more about buying gold today, CLICK HERE, and you can forget about those silver prices!




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