June 13th, 2012

Silver Prices and Gold Prices | What Does it All Mean?

Silver Prices and Gold Prices: What Does It All Mean?Silver Prices

Silver prices have not really fluctuated much over the past few years or so it seems, but why?

As we know, silver doesn’t hold as much value as gold, and with that being said, it’s why so many people are holding onto their gold, waiting for the prices to continue to go up before they sell off. So, do these prices on silver make that much of a difference?

Silver Prices and the Trend

You may or may not know this, but silver prices have not been high even from a historical perspective. However, the truth is there really isn’t a reason for it.

The demand for gold and silver are at historic highs, but for gold it’s about prices being at an all-time high. This is because the demand for gold is high because the US dollar is continuing to lose value as time goes on. People want gold because it can still be minded and it’s available in various parts of the world.

This means that it’s readily available, and therefore if we need more of it, yes, we can get it. However, this doesn’t really reflect the fluctuation of the silver prices either.

One thing to keep in mind though is this; whatever the bank can hold back to create more value in the future it will, thus the bank has been selling off their silver first. Smart move? Possibly.

What Are Silver Prices Like Today?

So, what are silver prices like today?

If you were to look at the ticker on www.kitco.com, you would be able to see that the price of silver per ounce was just under $29.

If you do rely on www.kitco.com, you will see the chart to the right which shows you how the price of silver changes in a 24 hour period. You can actually watch the silver go from the low price to the higher price which is where it landed today.

Are silver prices always this low?

No they aren’t; in fact, the prices are always going to be changing based on the economy. However, about a year ago silver prices were bouncing right around $45 per ounce. At this time many people sold the silver that they had in order to cash in. This is because when the American people lost confidence, this is what they did.

Wouldn’t you say that we might see another sell off due to the elections? Maybe so.

Why Silver Prices Don’t Matter All That Much to Me

The reality is that I am writing this because silver prices don’t matter to me as much as gold prices. The reality is that gold is a currency, and because it is a lot more valuable, it will go much further.

This means that as we experience hyperinflation, gold can be used to barter for things that you will need, and it works in any country.

I can help you understand this further if you aren’t sure what all this means and how it relates to you. If you are interested in buying gold to help protect you for the future, then forget about the silver prices and CLICK HERE now for more information on where and how to buy your gold.




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