August 22nd, 2012

Silver Dollars and Gold Bars | Which One is Best to Buy?

Silver Dollars and Gold Bars | Which One is Best to Buy?

Silver Dollars

The economy has changed many things, and it has done so for numismatists as well, prompting many to let go of their silver dollars.  It’s no surprise that things have changed so much with the lack of extra funds for collectors to spend on coins and currency, and instead it has those that spent their money on what they wanted to collect on things that are more of a “necessity”.

With so many looking to let their silver dollars go for cash, is it better to buy gold or just to pocket that cash and put it into savings?

Why People are Considering Selling Their Silver Dollars

Now that you know people are considering trading in those silver dollars they have had forever, why are they turning these dollar pieces in?

Truthfully, many of these silver dollars or what some call “peace dollars” are not worth all that much. I think that for the most part these individuals try to fool themselves into believing that any silver dollar they have will bring them hundreds upon hundreds of dollars from the sale. Then you have those that know what the value is and are happy to get the fair market value to put to good use.

These are generally the folks that save money, or those that seek to invest it in some fashion, or use it to put toward the purchase of gold instead. Why is it so wise for them to buy gold anyhow? It’s very simple folks.


I know you might be shaking your head, but it’s true! Gold is in fact currency, and it’s something that you shouldn’t be taking lightly at all. Think about our dollar and where it’s headed. NOWHERE.

Silver Dollars that are Worth Something Still May Not Benefit You

Remember, that what we are talking about here is the long term, and silver dollars may not be a good long term solution.

I know what you are thinking; you are wondering how this can be true when they are made of silver, right? Silver is good yes, but it just won’t increase in value as gold does. Remember, whatever is of least value to the bank is what they will sell off and liquidate first.

This is why most banks have kept the large gold bars, which are in fact what the large central banks keep in their vaults. What does that tell you? If the banks keep these on hand, then there must be a reason why; don’t you think?

Could it be that the banks know something that most of us don’t know? Perhaps they do.

Forget Silver Dollars! Enough Said 🙂

So, you probably now get my point about silver dollars right? I am sure you have now figured it out that gold is better to put your money toward if you are selling your silver dollars for cash.

You are listening! I can teach you more about gold, and why to buy and what to buy. If you need more reasons to forget those silver dollars and buy gold, then CLICK HERE, NOW!




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