June 26th, 2012

Scrap Gold Prices | 3 Indications That You Aren’t Being Paid a Fair Price

Scrap Gold Prices | 3 Indications That You Aren’t Being Paid a Fair Price

Scrap Gold Prices 

These days there is plenty of talk about scrap gold prices, but is anyone really cashing in right now?

Truth be told, plenty of people are getting cash for their gold, but the question is whether or not they are being paid fairly by those they are selling it off to.

While everyone has a different way of paying for their gold and silver it pays more for you to know upfront the telltale signs of whether or not you are getting the right amount of cash for what you are selling off.

I am going to give you 3 indications that will tell you that you are NOT being paid a fair price.

Do You Know What Scrap Gold Prices are Today?

If you are planning to sell your scrap gold, be sure that you watch the news to get the skinny on what the scrap gold prices are today.

You can also check that against some well-known websites like www.kitco.com, and many other websites that offer up information on financials.

It’s wise to know what the price of gold is for the day so that you can have an idea of what you can expect to get paid for your gold. However, you should call ahead to find out the method by which the establishment you sell to is planning to figure out what they can pay you.

Do you know how much your gold weighs? If you do, then you will have the upper hand when you walk into an establishment and get your gold weighed.

Some places may weigh by grams, but those who are truly running an honest operation will weigh in by penny weights. There are 20 penny weights to an ounce, so make sure that they give you the number of penny weights that your gold weighs in, and how much they pay per penny weight will help you figure it out.

If they offer to weigh it in another measurement beware!

Know Scrap Gold Prices by Watching Them Way Your Gold in Front of You!

One of the most common problems when it comes to knowing true scrap gold prices is that you WON’T know what you are getting paid if they DON’T weigh your gold in front of you.

This is why it’s important that they do weigh your gold up in front of you so that you know whether or not they are being fair with you. Make sense?

If you walk into a gold dealer’s shop, pawn shop, or any establishment that wishes to buy your gold, and they don’t weigh it up in front of you, kindly decline the offer once they make the offer. You are better off to go elsewhere.

How Scrap Gold Prices Can Change the Way You Spend

I always tell folks that scrap gold prices are the same from a market perspective, but every gold buyer pays may be different.

That is the nature of the beast so to speak, so ask questions when you go in. I have always been told that the best dealer to sell to is the one that will take the time to educate you in their shop.

Scrap gold prices change daily, but keep in mind that the best thing you can do is use the cash to put towards gold bullion for the future. As we approach hyperinflation, understand that how we spend our money is critical.

The best thing that you can do is buy gold bullion in its physical form and prepare for the future. Need I say more?

If you want to learn more about why scrap gold prices don’t matter all that much, and how you can prepare for the future, then CLICK HERE now.




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