August 17th, 2012

Same Day Payday Loans Taking a Hit in Some States

Same Day Payday Laons Taking a Hit in Some States

Same Day Payday Loans

As you may or may not, same day payday loans are struggling to be written in several states. It’s not so much that they are illegal as they have high interest that no one could really afford in real life. These loans have been a bone of contention for many over the years, and with the struggling economy, many states have re-evaluated payday loan services in their state as well as the regulations and repayment terms that are attached to them. If you have ever used those same day payday loans, you know what I mean!

What Are Same Day Payday Loans?

You might be asking, what are same day payday loans anyhow? These loans are payday loan establishments where you can walk in, provide documentation to apply for a payday loan and walk out with the cash the same day. Sounds good right?

Okay, in theory for those who are without heat, food, or water, it sounds great. Those that have no family to help or friends might opt for something like this, however, these loans are what some refer to as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” This is because it looks great, and for some it may seem like a true blessing in time of need, however, it ends up in a real mess, costing more than before.

When people borrow money like this, it causes a vicious cycle that never ends. I have never used them, nor have I been in a position to need one, but I can assure you of one thing. In the near future it won’t matter simply because those that do use them will be hard pressed to pay them back if they lose their job, and when the banks go down-FOREVER.

Why Same Day Payday Loans Could Potentially NEVER Get Repaid

With every loan in life, come some long terms and agreements. Sure, no one ever really reads the whole thing, but who in their right mind would read it all? I know I wouldn’t, and that is because I like to get where I am going fast! However, if you read these papers, it will let you know that if you filed for bankruptcy, they would have to be included as a creditor if you didn’t pay them back.

This is trouble, but even if you didn’t file, they may never see their money. Why? The US dollar is waving goodbye. Sure, we hear it all the time, and it’s something that’s been in social circles for a long time, but it’s coming. These same day payday loans are going to be the last priority on someone’s list, and that is because they will pay everyone else first.

Unless of course they have gold, that is. Gold? Do you mean real gold? Yes, that is what I mean, and you can easily get it. You can also buy gold for yourself, and promote the purchase of it to make money. Sounds reasonable right?

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