January 2nd, 2011

Retirement Work That Doesn’t Feel Like Work

Are you interested in post-retirement work but concerned that the only work out there looks too much like what you’ve already been doing?

I can relate!  When I hit 50, I took serious stock of my life.  And the one thing I knew without a doubt was that I didn’t want to be chained to corporate work ever again.

Even if you’re satisfied overall with your current job, no one can blame you if the work you’re doing now just doesn’t hold the excitement for you that it used to.  And if you were one of us who chose to work only in your home, maybe you’re starting a career for yourself now that your kids are grown.

But the thing is, the work we do after we retire shouldn’t feel like “work.”  You know what I mean—that feeling of obligation instead of purpose when we get up in the morning, and checking the clock for the last hour or so every workday just to see when the day will finally be over.

Too many of us have had too much of that kind of work for way too long.

So let me tell you about an alternative that lets you work on your schedule and from wherever you want.  What I’m talking about is going into business over the Internet.

You can work many types of online business, from affiliate marketing to taking one of your hobbies or passions and making it into an online company.  At this stage of your life, you have experience, expertise, and wisdom—why not build your work around helping the people coming up after you?

With online businesses, you’re not trading your time directly for money anymore.  An Internet business is visible 24/7—and thus, your business earns you an income even when you’re not working!

While I’ve chosen an Internet business as my retirement work, the fact is that if you build your work around something you’re passionate about, it won’t feel like work at all.  So take at look at the things you love doing.  See if an Internet business will allow you to pursue that passion, or if you want to take a more “traditional,” person-to-person route.  More than anything else, the work you do after you retire should bring you joy!




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