September 14th, 2012

QE3 For You And For Me

QE3 For You And For MeThere is no doubt that you know about QE3, and if you haven’t you might be living with your head stuck in the sand. I know right? I can’t say I blame you because it hasn’t been fun at all this year, and now it seems things are getting a bit tighter.

So, what does QE3 mean for you and me other than we are printing more money? Let’s talk about what is really happening in our country, and how this is going to affect us moving forward. Shall we?

What in the Heck is QE3 Anyhow and Why Should I Care?

In case you didn’t know QE3 means, “quantitative easing”. What does that mean to you? Simply put it means that the government had decided to print more money because we are running out of money faster than we can count what we do have left. This seems to be the going solution these days for a country with financial problems.

Personally, we know it doesn’t work, even if it makes us feel better when money comes barreling off that printer. Let’s face it folks, it is making things worse, and inflation is being driven freely by the wheel of this vehicle. So, is it really doing any good for us?

In theory, one would think it works great, but the reality is all it does is further disaster. Is it any surprise that our country is in shambles financially because of the choices we have made regarding the printing of money, and how to handle our healthcare and everything else that matters?

Ultimately, with two rounds already, what we need is a real answer on how this works, and why we should support it. The government has done this without the people providing any sort of feedback which simply means that it’s something not everyone is for, but is everyone against it?

What Will QE3 Bring Us Long Term?

So, what will this QE3 bring us in the long term? The question I think that most people are asking is whether or not they need to buy into this idea that QE3 is going to help us. I mean after all, isn’t it time that we really focused on what we can do to create more jobs so that we don’t have to talk about this every day?

The other concern that most people don’t seem to be educated about is how they are going to survive once the US dollar goes under. Once that happens where will be then? The truth is, printing money while we are already in debt, means that we are going to have inflation. Inflation means prices on everything go up.

What is left after the US dollar that is transferrable to the new currency is gold. At the end of the day, is that good or bad? Gold is good, and if you don’t have any it will be bad. Count on it folks, you better get prepared. If you haven’t been buying gold, you need to. Don’t say it costs too much, because when you don’t have it, you will be wishing you had purchased it.

If you would like to better understand QE3, and what you can do to prepare, then CLICK HERE now to speak with me directly!




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