June 13th, 2012

Pure Gold | What is it?

What is pure gold?

Pure Gold Nugget

Have you ever wondered what pure gold really means?

Chances are if you found this article you were searching online for more information about gold and the various levels of purity or fineness.

You may not fully understand what this means, or why there are different levels of gold, but in this article, I am going to explain it to you further so that you understand it, thus making it easier for you buy jewelry as well as sell any gold that you have.

What is Pure Gold Anyhow?

Now that I have set the stage on the different levels of fineness of gold, I want to share with you what is really pure gold.

It’s worth sharing with you that gold isn’t always pure because when you buy jewelry, you aren’t getting 100% pure gold. If not all pure, what is it?

The various levels of fineness are rated according to what percentage of gold they contain, thus the hallmarks that represent:

  • 10k
  • 12k
  • 14k
  • 18k
  • 22k
  • 24k

Starting with the 10k; when you look at it, and then you look at a ring that is made of 14k, you can tell the difference by color. In all fairness, they do not look the same, at all!

The higher the grade of gold you will notice is has a brighter tint to it than the others. However, the higher the grade of gold, the softer it is too, which is why it’s used to make jewelry, right?

You can always tell when you get something in pure gold, because it is often identified by a 999.9 hallmark too. Fair enough?

Are Gold Bars Pure Gold?

The next question that most people ask from a consumer standpoint is, “Are gold bars pure gold?”

Yes, they are. In fact, they are always marked with the .999 so that you know you are getting just under 100% pure gold.

You will notice that when you look at them they have a bright gold color to them, and you can get them in various sizes due to the number of ounces.

Some are 1 ounce; some are 3 ounces, and then the 10 ounce bars and up are pretty heavy. These are the bars that are being stored by banks in vaults, and it’s unusual that they are sold to the general public.

When dealing with a precious metals dealer always ask if they have something larger in back if you are interested in spending more, because they may have it in the safe.

Is there a reason that you should consider buying pure gold bars?

Why Buy Pure Gold Bars?

In reality, why would you want to buy pure gold bars?

It’s simple really; gold is a currency, and that currency is the only one that is universal. Think of it like this; the economy is in really bad shape, but when it all goes bad, what will people do?

They will need something that they can trade for, enter pure gold bars. You can get them easily when you know who you can talk to.

Do you want to buy gold to protect yourself for the future? Are you prepared to stand against hyperinflation?

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