March 2nd, 2012

Price of Gold Per Ounce: Does it Really Matter?

Price of Gold Per Ounce

Price of Gold

Those who ask what the price of gold per ounce is would do well to check the daily listings or watch a show like Squawk Box. This is because the updates come out daily and they are critical to understanding what is happening in the market. If you are considering selling gold or buying, it’s important that you know what you will be paying or getting in return. I am going to share with you some information regarding market trends, and what the gold price is at today.

Price of Gold Per Ounce: Market Trends

To better understand the price of gold per ounce you need to know a bit about market trends, and how they affect this price. Let it be said that we know whatever is going on in the world dramatically affects the price of both gold and silver, although gold is the bigger commodity. Why? Gold is more valuable and harder to come by.

If you recall, the war in Iraq was what started an upward trend in gold, but ultimately the economy changes as a direct result. It couldn’t really be much clearer than that. We also know that as decisions are made, we can watch the price of gold per ounce  go up and down, and that fluctuation will be with any major decisions whether financial or not.

Price of Gold Per Ounce: Gold Prices Daily

So, now that you know more about the price of gold per ounce, let’s talk about the gold price daily and how it has been fluctuating recently.

I can recall that when Osama Bin Laden was captured that the price dropped because the American people gained confidence, but as soon as things got interesting with Greece, the price of gold went up. Why? The American dollar keeps losing ground and so it is that gold keeps going up. Gold is something that we can still obtain, and it’ a currency so it can be traded.

As I write this article, the gold price per ounce is $1715.83, but over the past 30 days it was down around $19 to $20 less. This isn’t a lot of fluctuation, but rather over the past 6 months in which it was around $70 to $80 less than the $1715.83 mentioned above.

Price of Gold Per Ounce: Future for Gold?

So, now that we have taken a look at the price of gold per ounce, I want to help you understand what this means going forward. Gold will go up as the dollar continues to go down, and ultimately you should know that yes, gold is a currency. Gold can be traded, but that is because we can still mine for gold and reproduce it. With the dollar or rather paper money it’s important that you understand that it’s just being printed over and over, but eventually that will come to a stop.

Printing the money is what causes inflation, but right now it seems that turning on the printing press is what is making things look better. It may look better when we can say we have more cash, but are things really better? No, they aren’t. As for the future, so long as the American people feel confident with who is in office, our money will appear to do well, but it also seems there is a lot of uncertainty. So, what is the answer? In the end we have to sit and wait, because the decisions we make as country often rely on what other countries are doing.

Price of Gold: Plan For Your Future

Have You Saved Enough?

Gold Price Per Ounce:Your Plan?

So, now that you can see we are a country in need, how will you plan? Have you saved money? Have you purchased gold to protect yourself against super inflation? We cannot rely on anyone else to take care of us, so we must look out for ourselves. This means it’s time to educate ourselves on what the market is doing and we need to plan wisely for our future.

To plan for your future, and to better understand better how the price of gold per ounce affects you, contact me today for more information, and I can help you come up with a plan that works!



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