June 6th, 2012

Pawn Stars | Can They Teach You About Gold?

Pawn Stars | Can They Teach You About Gold?Pawn Stars and Gold

Have you ever seen the show Pawn Stars? If you have, then you know that it’s always an adventure when customers come into the store with something to sell. It never fails that you get a taste of the old and the new, but can they teach you anything about gold? I am going to share with you how a pawn shop works, and why they just aren’t equipped for teaching you anything about gold.

Who is Pawn Stars Anyway?

If you don’t know who Pawn Stars is, now is your chance to find out. Pawn Stars is one of the most beloved shows on TV today, and for good reason.

Pawn Stars takes place in Nevada, and although this isn’t the name of the shop, Pawn Stars is the name of the show.

The show’s crew is made up of “the old man”, his Rick, and his son “Big Hoss”. Those outside of the family include Chumley, the best friend of “Big Hoss”, and other staff that work there as well.

The show is exciting with tons of folks pouring in with items to see what they are worth; some are willing to sell, and some just want an idea of whether or not they can pawn it to get a loan. The reality is that most folks will never come back to get their items back, because they needed the money way too badly.

However, some folks come in with gold jewelry, and know that they can get a great price due to the all-time high price of gold these days.

Do the Pawn Stars Sell Gold?

The Pawn Stars don’t sell gold, but they do sell gold and silver jewelry items. They more than likely have plenty of jewelry in their cases to offer for sale, but this isn’t what most people buy for the future.

There is a big difference between the gold you get in jewelry and the gold in gold bullion. Keep in mind that when you buy gold jewelry that you are getting gold that is mixed in with other alloys, so it’s never 100% gold.

When you buy gold bullion bars, they are .999 or .9999 gold bars. Most people buy the Suisse gold bars which are most commonly found in shops that sell coins, currency, and gold and silver bullion.

The large bars are usually held in possession by the large banks, and who wants to rely on them? Scary to think about isn’t it?

I have just the solution for you, and it’s probably something that you never thought of before.

Pawn Stars Has Nothin’ on Karatbars International

When it comes to buying gold bars, Pawn Stars has nothing on what I can offer! I can offer gold bars, and the 1 gram cards that you can put into your wallet just like a credit card.

This will be the most interchangeable option for buying gold and will the best option for those who want to be able to barter for what they need.

So, when you need gold, don’t look to Pawn Stars, but CLICK HERE to get the gold you need to protect yourself.



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