March 26th, 2012

Panning for Gold and Why it’s a Great Time to Do it!

Now is a great time to start panning for gold.Panning for Gold

Panning is now more popular than it was years ago, but that is because with gold at an all-time high people are scrambling to find it and cash it in. There has never been a time when there was a higher interest in gold than now, and the funny thing is it’s not just lying around everywhere. So, where can you go panning?

I am going to talk about what panning is, and where you can do it for fun as well as to make serious money by cashing it in.

What is Panning?

What is panning? The word panning takes on different meanings, including for audio and video, which don’t mean anything in this article, but yes, the word panning can apply to searching for gold.

Gold can be removed from the ground, and that is why there are mines where families take their kids to go gold panning for something to do, although it’s one of the best hobbies for those young and old. It can be done as a family activity, or it can be a serious day for prospecting for those who really want to make money and just cash in.

So, if this is a great activity and you have been reading about this, you probably want to know where you can go gold panning am I right?

What to Use When Panning for Gold

To go panning for gold you need to be sure that you have the proper device for catching the gold. The smaller gold pans are meant for those who are only looking to retrieve smaller amounts of gold, whereas those who are planning to mine gold like on the show Gold Rush Alaska, need large equipment made for the job at hand.

Also, keep in mind that remote locations would not be appropriate for hauling large equipment. Usually, it’s the more remote locations where gold is most likely available by the stream bed and not in large quantities. However, given the current price of gold, it lets you consider how much you might be getting back now out of your gold panning excursion!

More than anything, it would be wise to dress for the day with respect to how you plan to spend it, how long you think you will be out panning, and where you will be panning.

Ready to Go Gold Panning?

So, now that you know what gold panning is, and that you can go gold panning to make some money, do you see a trip in your near future to help you find some gold?

You can check online for mines in the United States, and you can also check for those in other countries if you plan to travel. You will find that South Africa is a great place to search as well as Portugal, Taiwan, India, the Netherlands, and some others.

Before traveling, it’s wise to check with the U.S. Embassy there to make sure they permit gold panning!



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