May 30th, 2012

Old Coins | Are They Really Worth It?

Old Coins: are they worth it?Old Coins

When it comes to old coins, what can they really do for you? Most people I talk to are under the impression that because something is old makes it worth more.

Unfortunately that is not the case. I want to share with you why, and how you can purchase something more valuable that will be more beneficial for you in the near future.

Old Coins | Which Ones Are Worth Something?

When it comes to going through all of those old coins you found in your chest of drawers, are they worth cashing in?

It’s worth researching first, simply because not every old coin you find will be valuable. There are some coins that are older that are valuable, but you need to study them to understand why, and the price tag that is placed on these coins.

Don’t underestimate the market for coins because there are still come collectors out there, but by the same token, you need to know what is what and how much people are paying for them. So, learn to identify these coins first, and determine if they are gold or silver too.

Oftentimes, people in the U.S. believe that foreign coins are extremely valuable, but these days there isn’t a lot of money in them. Again, there are some out there that are valuable, but not a lot. It’s all about the research, or finding a coin dealer that you trust.

What else do you need to know? Coins aren’t the end-all-be-all of the world in terms of saving your ass when it comes to the hard times coming. Gold is where you need to look.

Old Coins | Researching These Old Coins

Now that you know that your old coins need to be researched to find a true value on them, where do you look first?

Auction catalogs are a great resource, and many people go by eBay these days so that they can check and see what has sold that is just like their coin or similar in grade. However, don’t count on getting top dollar for your old coins if you can’t find any information.

I can’t stress enough that your coins aren’t going to be more valuable just because they are older, so keep this in mind as you do some searching in regards to price. There are many sources that you can use in addition to the auction catalogs, and finding a reputable coin dealer is wise too.

Not only are they a good resource for information on old coins and new, but they may have a connection on a buyer for what you have.

Old Coins | Are They More Valuable Than Gold Bars?

Many people have asked in the past if old coins are more valuable than gold bars, but the answer to that question is rather simple.

Coins that are collector coins may or may not be more valuable than gold bars depending on what the coin is, and the size of the gold bars.

Keep in mind that gold is continuing to go up in price per ounce, so be aware of this. You also need to understand that gold is a currency, yet many fail to understand that. This is what makes gold a good thing to buy.

Old coins won’t protect you against hyperinflation, so beware!

Want to know more about buying gold and why you should? If you want to know why gold bars are better than old coins, then CLICK HERE now!




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