January 29th, 2013

Most Valuable Coins-It’s Not What You Think!

Most Valuable Coins-It’s Not What You Think!Most valuable coins are something people still argue about all the time. Whether a Morgan Dollar is of high value, a high relief coin, Carson City dollars, and more. If you are a numismatist or avid collector of coins then you know what I mean. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are studying coins and their value for good reason.

Many coins don’t hold significant value, or nothing more than just a few dollars above face value. So, why is it that some are more valuable than others? Let’s take a good look at the most valuable coins, where they come from, and why some people are going stark raving mad over them!

What are the Most Valuable Coins?

When it comes to placing value on a coin, what is the determining factor when it comes to value? A large part of the value could be the history, and in many cases it’s the mint mark and the condition of the coin. There are some really great counterfeits out there when it comes to silver coins, and that is most likely because tin was an ideal replacement in their minds.

The most valuable coins usually do have a significant history behind them, and they are not necessarily foreign coins. While some ancients bring a hefty premium, it usually takes a certain type of collector to want coins that have ancient history associated with them.

There are also some gold coins that look like dimes. This doesn’t mean they are dimes, but they were 45 gold pieces. Sounds odd, but those coins can be quite valuable too. After all, isn’t gold at an all-time high right now?

It is, but that doesn’t mean that all gold coins are going to cost the same either. Remember, when gold prices are published, it based on the price per ounce, and it could be that the coin you have doesn’t even quite weigh an ounce. So, now this leads me to share with you more about what is actually considered valuable, and why you NEED to start buying it!

Most Valuable Coins are Gold Bullion Coins

The most valuable coins you can buy are gold bullion coins, and that is because they are currency, and they are going to be valuable to you when the US dollar isn’t working, right? In order to survive you are going to need a replacement to feed your family, put gas in your car, and pay your rent or mortgage.

The reality is hitting that our dollar is losing value, and when that happens, it’s time for you to come up with gold. This means that right now, any paper money you have, should be used to purchase gold bullion, so that you will have something you can spend.

Believe me when I say this is no way intended to be frivolous, and it’s NOT a joke. If you have any doubts, just continue to watch the economy, and research the history of gold currency. If you would like to find out how you can buy your gold bars and the most valuable coins to prepare, then CLICK HERE now!




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