March 28th, 2012

Medical Insurance Challenges on the Rise in America

Medical Insurance Challenges Facing Americans

<p>Medical Insurance Sticking It To Us!</p>

Medical insurance seems to be a touchy subject these days, and because of that, it’s time to consider how we can help ourselves to be healthier regardless of what is going on around us with the government and the healthcare plans. I want to share with you what the challenges are that we face, no opinions here, and what we can do to reduce the problems that America faces moving forward.

The Real Medical Problem

Just in case you didn’t know, the real medical issue has always been that those who need healthcare cannot seem to get it, and those who are getting it are costing us an arm and a leg in the process. How does this happen? It’s happening simply because there are so many that take advantage of the healthcare system.

You know the drill; someone goes to the doctor’s office, and some policies don’t require a co-pay upfront while others do. This means that way, someone will pay something, the other won’t, and then they wait until they get billed for it.

So, the vicious cycle begins and it starts all over again. The person who pays the co-pay won’t have to pay more to the doctor’s office until later, but when they get their insurance bill, they end up ignoring it until a later date. The person that lets the insurance company bill them, will just ignore the phone calls and will also ignore those additional bills until much later. Thus, the collection cycle starts, and then it’s war for everyone.

Can We Fix This Medical Problem?

The reality is that we have a real problem on our hands as a country now, with everyone trying to figure out a way to resolve it, it’s making things a challenge. We have many who just ignore their medical bills and some who need healthcare but can’t seem to get it.

This is why there was talk about the National Healthcare Plan. The ideas behind it weren’t all that bad, but the problem that many people had with it was that things were being added into the healthcare plan that had nothing to do with healthcare!

This is why so many have contested Obamacare, and it wasn’t necessarily due to the National Healthcare model. The challenge that we have now is that we are left wondering what will be next when it comes to healthcare. Can we make it work?

The Solution for Medical Insurance

So, while there really isn’t a solution set in stone, we do know that changes are being made in the healthcare system. Very soon, those who don’t have it will be fined, so it’s better to have insurance than not have it at all.

There isn’t yet something that everyone agrees too, but in the future that will probably change. I hope that everyone can get some sort of coverage that they can use to help them in a time of need.

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