May 31st, 2013

Marketing Style

Marketing Style…

Marketing style is something that you may not talk about often, but I can assure you that how you market MUST be congruent with those that are part of your target audience. Wouldn’t you agree? The truth is, all you need to know is that every business and every public figure must come up with a way to resonate with their crowd.

How do you know what that is? It’s really about asking people what they want, and how they want for you to do it. If you knew that you could easily appeal to more people in a different way without pulling teeth to get there, would you do it?

It’s time to discuss your marketing style, and how you can improve it to meet the needs of your target audience!

What is Your Marketing Style?marketing style

Do you know what your marketing style is?

Are you one of the following:

  1. SEO-you simply blog every day and provide more information
  2. Social media maven-you are all over the social media world, and people can find you anywhere
  3. PPC-this means you run pay per click ads and put yourself out there in front of millions using Google and more
  4. Local marketing-you just love to tear it up with Craig’s List and more!

There are so many marketing styles, and some may refer to it as a marketing strategy. Albeit it’s probably more of a strategy than a style, you need to remember that it’s also a style because different people look for different things in different places.

What do you lean toward when you start looking for ways to market? I find that I’m always leaning toward the more social style of marketing because I love people, chatting with them, and learning more about them.

Does Your Marketing Style Work for You?

When it comes to your current marketing style, what works? If it isn’t working at all, and you have been at it for 60-90 days, don’t give up. Keep at it, but you may want to do a couple things.

  1. Ask someone that is seasoned in marketing to critique what you are doing
  2. If they don’t think your marketing is effective at all, then try something new
  3. Above all, don’t be afraid to try new things!

Marketing is all about testing, and you may find that you do try a few things and they don’t work. However, that doesn’t mean that trying something else won’t work. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Remember, not every marketing method you choose will appeal to everyone and that is okay. It’s all about learning one marketing method at a time so that you can master it, and duplicate it when it works.

Identify what marketing you are good at when you clearly identify your strengths. Always heed to what you know, and make it work for you.

Now can you see how I make my strengths work for me? It’s the way marketing is done right! If you would like to learn more about marketing style and how you can make it all work in your favor, then CLICK HERE now!




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