March 8th, 2012

Losing Weight Fast: Is It Healthy?

Losing Weight Fast: Is It Healthy?

Losing Weight Fast

Many people are trying to find out how they can go about losing weight fast, but the bigger question that you need to ask is, is it healthy?

Losing weight fast means something different for everyone. For some, a month to lose 20 pounds might be a lot, and for some to lose 5 pounds in a week is a lot. I am going to share with you how much weight is safe to lose per day, per week, and what realistically you could lose in one month.

Losing Weight Fast: How Fast is Too Fast?

It’s tough to say what losing weight fast means, really because everyone’s chemistry and body is so different. What we do know is that the body can safely lose a half pound or one pound per day and that is normal.

Normal by what standards you ask? It really all depends on the individual, but usually a combination of a low calorie diet with exercise at least 4 times a week is a good place to start.

A really good example of this is the hit TV show the Biggest Loser, simply because you can see what these people are going through. They are getting the proper training, and they are also following a proper diet.

I was so glad when this show first came out simply because people are always looking for hope, and with this show, people believe that they have a good example to follow in both diet and a workout plan. Losing weight isn’t easy for everyone, so having a show like this to follow and  watch people get results is encouraging and it gives people motivation to do better.

Losing Weight Fast: So, How Do I Start?

It has been said on many occasions that small changes are best, and that is true. Losing weight fast could hurt you if you are doing it the wrong way, so always think about what you are doing before you jump in.

I know for myself personally, that following a healthy diet and exercise work just fine, but I know for some who have metabolic disorders or even thyroid disorders it can get discouraging. There is no reason to get discouraged when you can easily start with a support group, or even attend a beginner’s exercise class.

If you have something like this in your area, then you may want to look into it, and join as quickly as possible.

Losing Weight Fast: Diet Trends That Get a Lot of Press

Those who are interested in losing weight fast may be looking for new diet trends to see what is hot for the moment. This isn’t wise, because most of these programs aren’t designed for everyone to use.

For example, the HCG Diet does get quick results, but the reality is that it’s not for everyone and should be done with the help of a physician.  In fact, the FDA is warning consumers that over-the-counter HCG products marketed as “weight-loss aids” are unproven and illegal.

This diet is designed to reset the hypothalamus gland, and is effective in treating people who have what is referred to as “syndrome X” or “metabolic syndrome”. It has also been effective in treating patients who have a malfunctioning thyroid.

The idea is to reset the hypothalamus gland; so that everything else can work as it should, thus letting the body follow the proper triggers.

Losing Weight Fast: What Will You Do?

Losing weight fast isn’t really the answer for most people, but rather it’s about making small changes each day.

If you set goals it will be much easier to reach them, and then you can share what you have done with others. Isn’t it a great feeling?

You can lose weight, but what you need to lose and how you go about doing it may be completely different from what others are doing.

Now that you know more about how people lose weight, and some trends that they follow, how do you plan to start losing weight fast?

If you need more information or guidance on nutrition, and how you can start losing weight fast, CLICK HERE!



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