February 2nd, 2011

Look Good, Feel Great Tips for Women Over 50

We still want to look and feel our best, even as women over 50.  And there’s no reason we shouldn’t!

But what kinds of specific things can you do so that you can enjoy every day as much as you did in your 20s and 30s?  Granted, it takes a little more work now, but then we women are worth it!

These are some of the things that I do to help energize my days and keep myself looking my best:

  • Take two slices of cucumber, lie on your bed or couch, and put the slices on your closed eyes.  Enjoy how cool they are and relax for about 20 minutes every day.  As we hit 50 and over, the skin around our eyes starts to dry and sag—but cucumber is an excellent toner.  As a bonus, it feels great and you get 20 minutes of relaxation in!
  • Speaking of relaxation, I know, as an over-50 woman myself, that we often get so caught up in the wants and needs of others that we forget to take care of ourselves.  Whether or not you use cucumbers, try to take 20 to 30 minutes of down time every day.  Actually, an hour a day is best.  Relaxation decreases worry lines, too.
  • You know I’m going to say “exercise,” don’t you?  Because I am.  Exercise keeps us toned and good looking as well as keeping us healthy.  But exercise is especially important once we’re over 50 because we’re at risk for bone loss.  Weight-bearing exercises now will prevent stooped spines later!

Our generation is very lucky.  Today’s women over 50 can benefit from the huge advances in everything from medical science and holistic medicine to nutritional and exercise sciences to not only stay active and healthy well beyond our 50s but to stay looking great as well!

You don’t have to go for plastic surgery to stay youthful.  All it takes is the time and effort to take proper care of ourselves, and women over 50 can look and feel as young as we did at 30!




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