March 13th, 2012

Kreatin: What it Does for the Body

Benefits of Kreatin

Kreatin Health Benefits

You might be wondering what the purpose of Kreatin is, but if you are a bodybuilder then you already know the answer. This acid is critical to the body, and it occurs naturally in vertebrates. So, with that in mind, would it be wise for everyone to use Kreatin in their diet? I am going to share with you what Kreatin is, and what it can do help you be a healthier you.

What is Kreatin?

To help you understand what Kreatin is and why you need it, you should know that it’s a nitrogenous organic acid that does naturally occur in your vertebrates.

This is what helps to supply energy to the body and it directly supplies your cells, but primarily your muscle. How does this happen? Kreatin will boost the production of ATP which is Adenosine Triphosphate.

This necessary energy supply was discovered in 1832 with the research of Michel Eugene Chevreul, when he discovered that it was actually found in skeletal muscle. Chevreul believed it was necessary just like meat because it contains so much protein, thus he gave it the name Kreatin.

What Produces Kreatin?

If you want to know what produces Kreatin, then just do a bit of research on the body and where it comes from.

Kreatin is produced by amino acids which are proteins that help the body metabolize fat and build lean muscle. Naturally, the higher the level of protein in the diet the better off you are. It’s transported in the blood so that it will actually feed the muscles, make sense?

It is no secret that about 95% of this Kreatin is found in the skeletal muscle of the body, which is good because it does mean that our bones are being fed to become strong and have energy for every day activity.

However, you should know that Kreatin is NOT essential in terms of supplementation. Why? Our body does produce enough from other amino acids like L-Arginine, Glycine, and L-Methionine. L-Arginine has been known to reduce scar tissue over time, while L-Methionine has been known to reduce cholesterol. So, what is Glycine? It is a simple protein that is found in the body, although considered to be nonessential it has been used in holistic circles to treat strokes and schizophrenia.

These conditions would suggestion that if Glycine brings improvement for them, then obviously the body has a shortage of something that it normally makes on a regular basis.

Benefits of Kreatin

Kreatin Gets Results

Why Body Builders Use Creatine

So, now that you are hearing that body builders need Kreatin, why are they using it? They are using it to bulk up, because when Kreatin is consumed in large quantities, it has the benefit of building muscle quickly. The main reason that they need it is because with strenuous workouts, they need to give it back to the body after excreting more than 45% of it during a workout.

I hope that this sheds some light on why some use Kreatin and why some don’t, and how your body uses it. If you have question on Kreatin and how to get more in your diet, then CLICK here to contact me today!




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