October 16th, 2011

Karatbars International (Formerly KB Vision) – A Review

Business Opportunity

Golden Opportunity

The severe downturn that the global economy has suffered over the past several years has been felt in many ways. Retirement savings have been eroded and the real estate market has imploded. The volatility of the stock market – combined with an almost total lack of trust in the banks and firms that finance that market and companies that it trades – has shaken the confidence of investors everywhere. This erosion of trust will guide the investment decision of these investors for years to come.

Other things have changed as well, however. People who were once content to rely on their stock portfolio and home value to fund their upcoming retirement received a rude awakening when it became clear that the values of those assets had declined to an unacceptable level. Where once there was abundance, now there is a shortfall. On top of that, people working towards the end of their careers began to realize that they might need to extend their time on job for a few more years in order to make ends meet during a retirement that could last 30 years or so.

These revelations resulted in two major shifts of focus. First, people realized that they needed to diversify their assets in order to ride out future financial cataclysms like the one suffered in 2008, and that exists to this day. Second, they began to seek additional streams of passive income that could augment the cash flow from their primary job, and perhaps someday, replace it.

If you find yourself in this situation and are looking for asset diversification strategies along with solid business opportunities, Karatbars International (formerly known as KB Vision) is worth a look.

The parent company KB Group (KB stands for Kapital & Business) is a financially secure, debt free and fully self funded network of companies with over 17 years of successful operations

They conduct operations from offices in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany. The KB Group now owns and now controls a network of 24 Companies.

Early in 2008, KB began acquiring assets in the precious metals industry, as a strategy to hedge their portfolio. KB first acquired the mining rights for a site located in Turkey. A short time later KB founded their very own private gold refinery in Istanbul, Turkey.  Suddenly KB owned and controlled 2 very impressive and timely assets. The only lacking component, at that time, was a strategy to bring the precious metals to the consumer.

In February of 2011, KB created and added, KB Vision to it’s portfolio of Companies. The timing was right to deploy, utilize and leverage the speed and convenience of the internet. KB Vision uses the internet much the same way many financial institutions use the internet for online banking.

Karatbars International (formerly known as KB Vision) is literally, a private savings club (by invitation only) Karatbars International pays its affiliates to help people set up an account and exchange paper money for gold. The plan is to show people how to use KB’s system to turn paper money into gold.

Once an account is established clients take a dollar cost average approach and make regular monthly deposits and bullion purchases. Account holders can also make one time, or, periodic cash deposits and bullion purchases. The program is completely customizable.

KB account holders do not spend money. They exchange, trade or swap paper currency for bullion that is then simply used as another form of currency. Gold is a reliable, historic store of value, and that will never change. When a Karatbars International affiliate refers others that do this, it generates a commission.

When an account holder deposits cash, it is exchanged for bullion at the exchange rate for that day. Liquidity concerns are non-existent because bullion can be exchanged back to cash, in any currency, at any time.

The Business model was and still is very impressive and timely, empowering businesses and financially intelligent individuals to buy, sell, own and control gold  bullion, without extensive experience or costly brokers. The business model gives KB a very unique tactical advantage in the marketplace by bringing high quality gold bullion products  to the consumer in smaller, more affordable weights through word of mouth referral marketing.

There are no set up or enrollment costs to open an account as a customer, an affiliate or both.

Karatbars International (formerly known as KB Vision) is unique in that it enables you to diversify your investments by buying gold, while at the same time creating a passive income stream through the affiliate program. There are no barriers to entry. KB offers an affordable way to purchase gold, which most prudent investors are now seeking to do. And leveraging the affiliate program is as simple as telling friends, family and associates about the Karatbars International program.



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