April 17th, 2011

Is Retirement Work Necessary?

Work is actually the opposite of retirement.  Work after retirement is frowned upon, but sometimes it’s  very necessary.

The whole point of retirement is to enjoy the years you have left.  You’ve worked, paid into your retirement fund, saved up, and now you deserve a break.  But some people find that their retirement funds are limited.  Even with the tightest budget allowable, they still may be short a few hundred dollars.

Supplementing the Retirement Income

Even with the help from the government, social security, pensions, savings accounts and other eggs you’ve built up, you still may find yourself scrounging around for extra side money.  Perhaps you’re used to getting more on your paycheck than what you’re getting now.  Or maybe you’ve had a sudden emergency come up and you need to pay for it, but can’t find the funds. Perhaps monthly staples, like car insurance and mortgages, have gone up.

Whatever the case, if you just need supplemental income, you can easily find a job.  Working after retirement isn’t something most people want to do, but change your point of view and you might not feel so bad about it.  Instead of thinking “I need the money,” try “At least I’m getting out of the house for a few hours.” Or, better yet, “At least I’m working less than I used to.”

If You Want to Work, Pick Something You Enjoy

You don’t have to get a traditional job either.  You can always use talents, interests or hobbies that you have developed to make money on the side.  For example, if you’re a beautician, perhaps you can open your home to a few private clients every once in a while.  Working one day a week or a few hours a week is perfectly manageable.

If you love to cook, you can try starting a catering business.  Or you can take advantage of the holidays by specializing in gift baskets, gift wrapping and other present-related goodies.  You can work after retirement and still have fun doing it.  Just because it’s a necessary evil doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it.




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