June 2nd, 2012

Interesting Facts About Gold That You Probably Didn’t Learn in School

Interesting Fact - 24K 999.9 Gold is the purest form of gold to own. Karatbars are 999.9 gold.Interesting Facts About Gold

You have probably been looking for some interesting facts on gold, which is how you landed on this article as you were searching online for more information. I am glad you found my article because I love gold! I am going to share with you some of the most interesting facts about gold that you might be hearing for the first time.

Interesting Facts About Gold in the United States

Did you know that gold was discovered so early that it could be considered prehistoric? I know you might find it odd that apes and man were wondering around with gold bars, but I just thought you should know!

However, one of the most interesting facts about gold is that it was the first metal to be processed at that time, and that is because man was using it for jewelry then, just as we use it today.  It has been said that gold overlapped with the Stone Age.

Kinda funny right? We could say the Metal Age was somewhat related to the Stone Age? Okay, enough of my humor!

Interesting Facts About Gold and Teeth?

Okay, while there are many interesting facts about gold, keep in mind that one of these facts is that gold and teeth go together. That isn’t just a recent thing, but it’s an old thing too. How do we know that?

Even around 7th century BC, we know that gold was recommended when a patient needed fillings due to cavities. Yes, dentistry is that old! However, it only makes sense when you consider that mercury wasn’t good for the body, and thus we quit using them once the discovery was made that mercury was making people ill.

On another note, it’s interesting that gold can be somewhat stretched too, because it can be cast from its thickness down to one fiver millionths of an inch think. So, how long would that make the strand of gold? It would stretch for 50 miles or more!

Interesting Facts About Gold that Tell Us It’s a Symbol of Strength

A centuries old saying is that “gold has its price”. Is that really true? It is true how we think of it today, because we watch the price go up and down. However, is that the truth? Does it really work?

There are some properties of gold that are difficult to destroy, putting it at a much higher price. Perhaps the price is high not only because it can be used for so many things, but because it is hard to destroy. Make sense?

Gold is also known for coating the Apollo spacecraft. How cool is that? Yeah, it sounds kinda crazy, but it’s the truth. The goal was to protect those on Apollo from radiation, and today astronauts still have helmets that have a very thin layer of gold on them for the same purpose.

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