January 26th, 2013

Inauguration Day Likes and Dislikes

Inauguration Day was this week, and as many of you know, President Obama and his First Lady caused quite a stir with their family’s fashion and celebration. No, neither one of them are a bad thing, but why the likes and dislikes?

As many of you can attest to through social media, it’s always a battle of Republican and Democrat, and it seems that no one can really make a true bipartisan effort here. Why are things so strained? The economy has been a big sticking point for Republicans and no doubt it will be for quite some time.

While many were excited that Obama was voted in and that he is serving a second term, what is the biggest concern of all? There are plenty of likes and dislikes about the day’s events, but what are they? Let’s talk about Inauguration Day, and what transpired, and whether or not most Americans approve.

Why Inauguration Day Was Bittersweet for Some

As always with any Inauguration Day, it can be bittersweet or not at all. Right? What if I told you that this day was bittersweet for those that wanted to see what some refer to as our African-American President serve another term but they wanted him to not support gun laws?

What about the fact that many were unaware of the wage laws, healthcare issues, and other troubling issues that are now coming to the surface? It seems that this year only those that attended were the individuals that actually voted for him, but on the other hand, there were some that smiled and nodded, nearly whispering that they think they made a mistake.

It’s nothing personal, but it’s all about the issues. This day should be a day in which the American people can all celebrate, but if they don’t want to, then they don’t feel free financially it’s tough to do. We see motorcades, stunning clothing on the President and the First Lady. All designer clothing, so where is that money coming from?

This is when the folks that thought they were making a good decision realized that maybe they didn’t. Are you feeling that way now? What happens when you see her wearing a Jason Wu gown, and you gasp knowing that your siblings lost their jobs?

Why Inauguration Day Marks a Day for Change NOW!

Every time we see another Inauguration Day pass, it’s time for us to realize we need a change. With each President there has come a decision to be made, whether to support or fight for what we really need.

The truth is, until we make a sound decision about our financial well-being as a nation, we can’t really move forward. It doesn’t have anything to do with who is in office, but the individual in office MUST create some change for our country.

Our country has so much to offer, it’s really a shame if we don’t get our act together! Make sense? Hopefully, we can all come together and help each other as we face an uncertain financial future. Regardless of what happened on Inauguration Day, what you like or didn’t, you need to go HERE to learn how you can prepare for you and your family financially!




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