April 23rd, 2011

How to Recession-proof Your Retirement Years

Recession Proof Retirement

How do you recession-proof your retirement years?  You’ll find a lot of financial advice telling you to invest here and put your money there.  However, let’s face it: most of us aren’t interested in high-yield savings accounts, annuities and how they work.  And for some of us, retirement years are rapidly approaching—if we’re not already there yet.  So having a recession proof retirement plan is vital to your survival.

The following steps are very practical and can be implemented by anyone.  You don’t need to read up on percentages and stocks to do these things.  You just need to have the determination to put them into practice.

Delay your retirement. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  I know you’re anxious to retire, but the longer you wait, the more money you’ll get from your social security payments.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  And what’s a few years anyway?  Even if you just wait 5 more years to retire, that’s more money than you would have had if you decided to retire right now.

Take care of yourself. Start taking care of yourself right now, as of this moment.  Take preventative steps to make sure that you are doing everything reasonably possible to prevent the onset of diseases caused by neglect.

Keep what you’ve got. There’s nothing wrong with your car, aside from the fact that it’s five years old.  You may think you need a new one, but think again.  You can drive that car for at least five to seven more years.  And, after you pay it off, you can use the money you were putting towards a car payment to put away for later.

Live simply. Don’t buy new things just because you’re sick of looking at what you’ve got.  There’s cheap ways to redecorate and redesign without breaking the bank.

Stay out of debt. Now is not the time to open new lines of credit or take out a second mortgage on your house.  The less you owe, the more you’ll have in your pocket.




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