May 31st, 2011

How the Baby Boomer Population Affects the Economy

US Dollar

US Economy

Here are more interesting statistics on how the baby boomer population has a direct effect on the economy of the United States.

Baby boomers have a total of $13 trillion in assets. That is exactly half, or 50% of the United States total assets. Of this, 71% is work earnings, 10% is social security income, 11% is income from retirement, and 7% is from government aid.

74% of all baby boomers are currently working.

68% own their own homes.

55% plan to move after they retire.

50% of all doctors’ visits are contributed to baby boomers. 27 million of these were for diabetes.

42% shop online.

Almost 17 million actively participate in online social networking, like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and similar sites.

I hope you didn’t think you were useless, because according to this we are actively helping to keep the economy running. It’s in bad shape, true, but it would be in even worse shape if we stopped doing what we’re doing. Congratulations are in order.

As with the previous set of statistics, these are things to learn from. Most alarming to me was the 27 million doctor’s visits. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your health together now. It is possible to live with diabetes, and keep it under control, so if you have it, don’t think it’s hopeless. You just need to do as your doctor says and eat healthy foods.

As far as our online activities, it’s pretty amazing how much we help keep online businesses going. It also shows that we’re active and adaptable as a generation. Of course, women are amazingly adaptable creatures, but these statistics just prove that we’re willing to change with the rest of the world and go with the flow. We’re not stuck in our ways.

Will the next generations learn from our example? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, reward yourself for being such a staple in the American community. Take a break and have a cookie.



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