April 19th, 2011

How Single Baby Boomers Over 50 Can Enjoy Retirement

Single Baby Boomers over 50 have blessings almost too numerous to count.  They are lucky, insomuch as nothing is holding them back from the life they desire.  There is no one to tie them down, or to force a compromise between lifelong dreams and duties.

What if you’re a single parent over 50?  Given, having children is a blessing, but we’ll cover that in just a little bit.  For now, let’s talk about single boomers over 50 without children.

Single and Over 50? Have Fun!

The best part about being single and over 50 is you’ve got a chance to be spontaneous.  You’ve got the circumstances.  If you decide one morning you want to jump in your car and drive 4 hours to see your best friend you haven’t seen in years, you can do that.  You don’t really need to plan anything.  Impromptu is the best form of enjoyment.

Doing things when the mood strikes you can help your personality.  You’ll find yourself more outgoing, and more attractive to other people.  Not just for potential mates, but friends too.  People will see you as adventurous and interesting, traits that are true of all of us deep down inside.  You just have to find a way to let it shine.

Enjoy Time with the Kids at Any Age

If you’re a single mother (or father) over 50 and your children are still at home, don’t despair.  This is your chance to spend time with them and get to know them.  No matter what age your children are, you can always use the following tips to get to know your kids:

  • Be active.  Even if it’s as simple as a walk every day, or playtime for one hour every day, stay active with your kids.
  • Set meal dates.  If they’re out of the house, invite them over for lunch or dinner.  If they’re younger, teach them how to help you out in the kitchen.
  • Plan family outings.  The zoo, museums and historical sites never get old.




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