March 27th, 2013

How is the US Economy?

How is the US Economy? It’s a great question, and tons of folks are asking now that there is news that the economy is strengthening. Is it true? While it’s up for speculation, the thing is you do have to wonder when it seems that people are spending money. The question is, what are they spending it on and does it actually matter?

It does matter, but you have people that are divided on whether or not this is really true and how long this is going to last. The question is, what is it that causes Wall Street to climb? Could it be that the American people have a new confidence for some reason? Or is that just a made up story?

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is reason to believe that the US economy is headed into the right direction, and we have needed this for quite some time. While they say that the recession from 2007 ended in mid-2009, is that really accurate? This is why so many are asking, how is the US economy? The answer is, we really aren’t sure!

How is the US Economy in a Recovery? Great Question!the US economy - in a recovery or recession?

Have you ever wondered why people feel free to spend at a time when it seems that spending money just isn’t possible? While most Americans don’t feel as though we are in a recovery, this is the word; that we are.

The funny thing is, unemployment floats around 9.1% on national average, and for the veterans it sits at a whopping 12.1%. Typically, a recovery is indicated by the creation of more goods and services, and because it seems that isn’t the case, the recovery appears to be dismal at best. Jobs are still sitting at less than they were during the pre-recession level, in fact they are 3 million short and counting.

So, what is the truth about being in recovery or not being in one at all? Nearly 40 percent of Americans are not working in the profession they started in, so how is the US economy in a recovery? Even if the numbers meet the guidelines for what some call a recovery, is it really true that we are in one?

 How is the US Economy Doing Today?

If you have been reading what’s in the news or watching it on TV, you’ve been hearing that America is in the middle of what is known as a recessionary territory. This simply means that although the country meets the criteria for recovery, that it is still very unstable. Most admit that what they hear about the US economy isn’t favorable, but the highest percentage of Americans knows that the news is really a mix of both good and bad.

There is no doubt that most Americans feel as though the elitist group has said enough, but they aren’t helping anyone. How is that good for the American people? Is it wise to let our people only hear things that are lofty, but in no way real or provable?

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