March 8th, 2012

Gold Rush: Is It Really Happening?

Gold Rush Is Really Happening

The Gold Rush Is Now

You might have heard the term gold rush being used recently, and although there is a dramatic spike in the price of gold, it leaves us wondering if it’s more than that.

There is talk of a gold rush in South Dakota too, and with the hit TV show Gold Rush Alaska, you can’t help but ask the question, “How long is this going to last?” I am going to share with you what we can expect based on history, and where the rush is really happening.

Gold Rush: What We Know About the Gold Rush

So, where did the first gold rush take place? We do know in history that it first happened in the mid 1800’s in Coloma, California. The gentleman that made this discovery is James W. Marshall, and he first discovered it in a place known as Sutter’s Mill.

The first people to hear about the gold rush were actually in Oregon, Hawaii, and Latin America. These people were the first to come to this state in 1848, hence the reason that they had knowledge of gold and how plentiful it was.

With the promise of finding gold, there were more than 300,000 people to come to California with hopes of finding gold and living happily ever after. Some arrived by sea while others traveled trails, but all had one goal in common and that was to find gold and a stable life for their family.

Gold Rush: the 49er’s

If you have ever been curious where the term 49er’s comes from, you are about to learn something from the history books. The term simply comes from those who were searching for gold in 1849, and although many weren’t so sure that they would find what they were looking for, everyone was willing to try.

People came to California from all over including Latin America, China, Europe, and Australia. Initially, it was much easier than everyone thought, with gold nuggets readily available on the ground, but gold could be found in riverbeds as well as streams, and all done by the simple process of panning.

It wasn’t until later that more sophisticated methods of panning were developed, giving people a much easier way to find their gold and to stockpile it for future insurance. Why was this so? Gold is a natural resource and can still be extracted, but coins and currency can only be minted and printed. So, is the gold rush still on?

Gold Rush: the Modern Day Happenings

So what is happening now that leads to a modern day gold rush? It’s a bit different but it’s nonetheless a gold rush.

People everywhere are affected with the value of the US dollar down, and the price of gold going up. So, everyone is looking for broken gold jewelry to cash in and pay bills. Albeit a sad state to be in, this is where we are as a country, and it probably won’t slow down anytime soon.

As the country gets confident they spend, but when things go bad they stop spending, thus spurring concern in the economy. This is why we see the up and down trend in our economy, making it interesting talk for FOX News and the media in general.

In fact, the hit TV show Gold Rush Alaska is a good indicator that something is happening, and we need to be mindful of it.

So, where is the gold?

Gold Rush:  Where to Find It

So, now that you know there is in fact a gold rush, where do you find it? Gold is not only found in Alaska, but it can be found in large supply in South Africa as well.

Gold can also be found in Canada, and some other countries, but as long as you want to buy it here in the US, you can do so to protect yourself against super inflation.

Are you interested in purchasing gold for your future? If you want to know more about this modern day gold rush, then click here to ask me how I can help!




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