April 10th, 2012

Gold Rate in Dubai | Does it Really Matter?

Gold Rate In Dubai-Does It Matter?

Gold Is Money

When it comes to the gold rate in Dubai, does it really matter to the United States? The truth is that the price of gold and the economic markets in other countries always affect the United States. I am going to share with you what the current rate is in Dubai, and how it affects the gold prices here in America today.

What is the Current Gold Rate in Dubai?

If you were to check out the current gold rate in Dubai, what do you think it would be? It all depends on what you are looking at, because in Dubai, the markets show what the various karats are valued at, including the 24k, 22k, and the 18k as well.

The price fluctuates as it does daily in any market, but I think what most want to know is: how does the shaky economy of Dubai affect us here in the US?

The price of gold in Dubai goes anywhere from $150.50 and up, starting with the value of the 18 karat gold and working up.

So, what does this all mean? It’s significant when you look at the price of gold in the United States.

How the Current Gold Rate in Dubai Affects Our Economy

So, the economy in Dubai has been struggling since 2009, but what can we do to change that? There isn’t much we can do with a struggling world economy, but what we can do is talk about why they are connected and the potential for change.

Dubai has been noted as the city of gold which makes it a target, and because it’s being mined so heavily now, it could be that it’s running out. The price goes up because it’s on demand, but keep in mind that this is where most gold for jewelry was being purchased.

Because the demand for gold jewelry has gone down dramatically, it’s hurting their economy. While our dollar continues to go down in value, gold goes up, and we aren’t really looking for gold jewelry either so is that why we are being punished?

Does Gold Rate in Dubai Mean Bad Luck for Us?

Although the gold rate in Dubai indicates where the economy is headed, it is only merely sharing with us one part of the picture as far as the US is concerned.

Dubai being the largest player in the jewelry sector means that we only need to understand that they have gold, and if we run out here that we need to know where we can obtain it. The US is not rich in gold as other countries are, but as more people are buying gold, we need to be able to provide it to them to have insurance against super inflation.

I realize it’s a lot to take in, but the truth is, things are changing, and we need to make things happen. Are you ready to take action in your life and get prepared for what lies ahead? Do you want more peace of mind when it comes to finances? If so, then CLICK HERE and I can share with you more about the gold rate in Dubai and how you can get stocked up without worry!




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