June 23rd, 2012

Gold Prices |Will There Be A Third Round Of Quantitative Easing?

Gold Prices |Will There Be A Third Round Of Quantitative Easing?Many people have asked whether or not gold prices would go up higher, or if they would go down. While we don’t have a crystal ball, the bigger issue right now is whether or not there will be a third round of quantitative easing.

While the press has said that Bernanke states that he cannot, what analysts say conveys otherwise. So, in the end, what will happen with current gold prices as a result?

Gold Prices Today and What They Indicate

As you all know, the gold prices have been up across the board. Although India has been the biggest consumer of gold, it doesn’t mean that their price is the best if you were to sell there, and it certainly isn’t low enough for everyone to buy.

However, if the gold prices are lower in one country than they are in another, what does that tell us? It simply means that the country we are looking at still has a certain degree of stability in their currency. While the economy isn’t really good anywhere in the world, it gives us a good picture of what kind of shape we are in globally.

America has been struggling since 2007 when this whole thing started, but ultimately, most financial markets have been drowning as a result of bad investments and trades with mortgage backed securities.

So, have we learned anything yet?

Gold Prices and a Third Round of QE 3?

So, what is the deal when we hear about a third round of QE 3?

Plain and simple it’s called financial slavery, and it’s another cry to print money that will run us into inflation. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go, and it’s not the way that we should be living as a country.

Besides, if you really want to know the truth, we as a country are suffering, and we are no doubt still unable to live on less. What does that say about who we are?

It speaks volumes, and our leaders are having a really difficult time with it too. The reality is that not only do we need to re-evaluate how we live, but we need to be sure that we are teaching the children that we are raising now how to deal with money, and how to work with it in business.

So, if we teach our children that instead of working to create a life that we can just reprint whatever we need and do things the easy way, they will begin to see that we can live in a lifestyle that says do whatever seems okay now, but pay a higher price down the road.

Isn’t this credit card mentality what got us here in the first place?

Gold Prices Indicate Our Core Beliefs

So, in reality, what do these high gold prices tell us about how we live?

They essentially tell us that we could do with less but we don’t, and they are telling us that it’s time to make changes in how we spend our money for the future.

Gold prices tell me to buy gold for the future. Why? When the US dollar is no longer accepted, gold will be the only way in which someone can trade or barter for anything outside the country, or even in the country.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask me directly how I know this, and how I can help you get ready for the future. Don’t you want to be prepared?

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